In 1998, the world was introduced to the combination of Oreos and peanut butter when The Parent Trap premiered. A remake of the 1961 movie of the same name, the fan-favorite flick put Lindsay Lohan on the map after she starred as twins Hallie Parker and Annie James.

Years after the classic ’90s reboot hit theaters, The Parent Trap is still a childhood staple and keeps introducing new generations to a cast of iconic actors. The Mean Girls actress starred alongside Dennis Quaid (Nick Parker), Elaine Hendrix (Meredith Blake), Lisa Ann Walter (Chessy) and the late Natasha Richardson (Liz James), among others. Throughout the film, youngsters 11-year-olds Hallie and Annie unknowingly attend the same sleepaway summer camp where they first uncover that they’re twins. For the remainder of the movie, the newly reunited sisters execute their plan of switching places as a way to get their parents back together.

More than 20 years after the film’s premiere, some of the cast members reunited virtually in July 2020 to share behind-the-scenes secrets from the film’s set.

“The most incredible thing about The Parent Trap in itself is even still, younger generations and little kids that go to camp, they even know it now,” Lindsay said of the film while chatting with her former costar. She noted that the film marked her “first movie audition” ever. The Freaky Friday actress also recalled playing two roles in the movie.

“Once the long hair was on, it felt very different for me. And I feel like — I don’t know if this goes for all actors — but once you put a wig on someone, you feel different. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and you kind of become the other character,” she explained. “I feel like almost people treated me differently when I was Annie, ‘cause Annie was so much nicer and Hallie was kind of like me.”

The cast even talked about the now-praised villain, Meredith Blake.

“Let’s talk about this because, at the time, yes, she was a nightmare,” Elaine shared, noting that social media users have come to love the character over the years. “But Meredith has really come around now. There’s the whole generation who thinks Meredith is #goals. There was this online campaign and hashtag #JusticeforMeredithBlake. And I’m like, right on, yes! Meredith is getting her dues.”

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