This may be hard to believe, but Freaky Friday first hit theaters back in 2003.

The film was all about a mother and a daughter duo who switch bodies after cracking open a magical fortune cookie. The movie starred Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ryan Malgarini, Chad Michael Murray, Mark Harmon, Christina Vidal and Julie Gonzalo. While it’s become a cultural phenomenon over the years, the flick was actually remade as a musical for Disney Channel in 2018 with stars Heidi Blickenstaff, Cozi Zuehlsdorff and Ricky He.

During an interview with Young Entertainment Mag in 2018, Ricky gushed over the differences between the original movie and Freaky Friday DCOM.

“I was such a huge fan of the 2003 version as a kid. It was dope because they go to a Chinese restaurant in the movie and I had never seen a movie with Chinese people in it before,” the actor recalled. “This was also before Netflix, so I had bought the DVD and would watch the reruns every time they played it. I had always hoped that I would one day grow up to be as cool as Chad Michael Murray.”

Honestly, everyone wanted to be as cool as Chad! In fact, the One Tree Hill alum looked back at his time on the Freaky Friday set during a 2019 interview with Busy Tonight

“I was Lindsay Lohan’s first kiss and Jamie Lee Curtis was there, and was trying to settle the situation because Lindsay was nervous,” he shared. “So we go and sit in Jamie’s trailer and she’s talking to Lindsay like, just kiss him … and she grabs me by the back of the head and makes out with me. At this point I went, ‘Dude, I just made out with Jamie Lee Curtis.'”

Talk about a major moment! But what has the cast been up to since 2003? Well, J-14 did some investigating, and it turns out, they’ve accomplished a lot over the years. Some of them went on to land a ton more roles, while others totally stepped away from the spotlight. Scroll through our gallery to find out what the cast of Freaky Friday is up to now.

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