It’s officially been over 15 years since Mean Girls first premiered, and it’s still a total classic!

Everyone can probably agree that Mean Girls is one of the most epic flicks ever, right? For those who forgot, it hit theaters back in April 2004, but now, over 15 years later, it’s still just as iconic, TBH. The movie starred Lacey Chabert, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lizzy Caplan, Jonathan Bennett, Lindsay Lohan, Daniel Franzese and more. Years after the flick first premiered, the cast reunited in October 2020, and spilled some major tea about the movie.

“Not being exactly queen bee in high school to then, later in life, go back to those memories and try to channel them through this character was therapeutic,” Rachel gushed at the time. Lindsay added, “During the process of filming for me, in between the movie I had done before and Mean Girls, I had gone back to school, and it was a really weird transition for me. I was kind of an outcast, so I really related to it when I had to play Cady.”

What Is the Cast of Mean Girls Doing Now?

Following the reunion, Jonathan caught up with E!’s Daily Pop to talk about the cast getting back together.

“It was a moment!” he explained. “Because here’s the thing … we haven’t all been together in 16 years, and to all be together for the first time, and do it on Zoom — already it’s awkward to see each other for the first time; you want to say so many things — but then when you’re on a Zoom call, it’s even more awkward because you’re waiting for the person to talk and you don’t want to interrupt.”

He continued, “It really did give us, like, a sense of nostalgia seeing everybody and being next to each other, like, on screen. It brought back so many, like, high school memories; You know, when you run into an old classmate from high school? It was really fun.”

One thing’s for sure, the cast totally changed a lot since the movie premiered. We went ahead and rounded up some then-and-now photos of the entire cast of the epic movie, as well as everything they’ve done since it came out. Yeah, fans are seriously not going to believe what some of them look like now! Talk about a MAJOR glo’ up. Scroll down to see what the cast of Mean Girls is doing now and how much they have transformed over the years.

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