Lindsay Lohan and her fiancé Egor Tarabasov have been making headlines lately after they were seen fighting on a beach in Greece. Rumors swirled that their relationship was on the rocks and the engagement was in trouble.

Fans had hoped that Lindsay and Egor would be able to make it work, that is until LiLo herself opened up about what is really going on between them. The details are scary. She talks about how she's been a victim of domestic violence and tried to fix it all but in the end this may not be the fairytale she was looking for.

She said, "I realize now you can't stay in a relationship just for love. No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn't prepared to say sorry.

When we got home I went to bed and Egor went out. A few hours later he came back and when I woke up he was standing over me. He wasn't himself, he was being very aggressive and he attacked me. It's not the first time. That's the problem.

But this time, someone saw…I just left the house and went to the Connaught [Hotel] for the night. I contacted my good friend [Israeli socialite] Hofit Golan who was in St Tropez. She said, 'Get on a plane, come and meet me,' so I did. I needed some time for myself. I've spent the past week fishing on my friend Marco Mavilla's yacht with his lovely family in Sardinia."

Lindsay continued, "The truth is, I wanted to make things work, but now I'm not sure that I can. I need closure. I genuinely fell in love with him but he broke my trust and made me feel unsafe. "

One thing is clear, no one deserves this. It seems like Lindsay is doing everything she can to get back on a healthy and safe path. It's pretty amazing that she is sharing her story and showing others who may be in the same situation that things can change and that YOU have the power to do what you want with your own life.

She has always been independent and confident so we're really glad to see that she isn't afraid to end a relationship and focus on what matters most – herself.

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If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic violence and needs help, please call the hotline 1-800-799-7233.

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