How badly do we want a Mean Girls sequel with the OG cast? The limit does not exist! And a lot of the original cast would also agree! So many of the OG mean girls have spoken about wanting to reprise their iconic roles.

Lindsay Lohan, Cady Heron herself, mentioned how much she’s up for a Mean Girls 2 on “Lights Out with David Spade,” in April 2020. “I wanted to come back with a Mean Girls 2 with the same cast, work with Tina Fey and the whole crew again. I was excited to do that. But that’s all in their hands, really.”

Later that year, the actress responded to rumors of a possible sequel on the “OG MAMA D” podcast in November 2020. “Oh, I mean, I know that they’re gonna do something, but I just don’t know exactly what yet and it would be an honor to be a part of it, obviously,” she said.

The Parent Trap star also mentioned that the Mean Girls cast are all still on good terms and even mentioned that they had reunited via Zoom in October 2020. “It was really fun to do the catching up all together [at] the reunion because it felt like – and they didn’t air part of this – but it felt like we had all just seen each other the day before.”

After being asked if the cast were still friends, Lindsay added: “It still feels like we know each other so well because we spent so much time with each other, and we discussed how it’s been working with each other, [the fact] that it’s been so continuous over the years that it feels like we’re all still good friends, which was really nice, to catch up with everyone. So that was really fun.”

Rachel McAdams had previously spoken about her desire to play an older version of her iconic character, Regina George, during an appearance for the Heroes of Health: COVID-19 Stream-a-thon in April 2020. “I always want to go back and do all of them again. You really fall in love with them. I mean it would be fun to play Regina George later in life and see where life took her after Mean Girls,” McAdams said.

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