This may be hard to believe, but Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer, Christa B. Allen and Sean Marquette, among others, starred in 13 Going On 30 20 years ago! The fan-favorite flick hit theaters in April 2004, and time has seriously flown by.

The movie was all about a teenage girl — named Jenna — who wished she would turn 30 on her 13th birthday. With the help of some magic, she was transported through time into a parallel universe where she’s an adult with her dream job, but has unfortunately lost her best friend. Throughout the film Jenna attempted to fix the mistakes she made in her past to have the future that she’s always wanted.

Years after the movie premiered, the cast is still closer than ever. In fact, Jennifer and Mark even reunited in February 2021. “Reconnecting with an old pal. Anyone know where we can get Razzles in Canada?” the actor captioned his social media post at the time. They also starred alongside each other once again in the 2022 movie The Adam Project, in which they created an Instagram Reels video of their iconic 13 Going On 30 couch scene. It’s safe to say this movie really will live on forever.

Christa, for her part has also shared some epic memories from the film on TikTok. “A little outfit recreation for the 13 Going On 30 lovers,” she captioned a clip set to Madonna‘s “Crazy For You,” which is played in the movie. She also acted multiple scenes from the end of the film that took place between the 30-year-old version of her character and best friend-turned-lover, Matt. Fans are seriously obsessed with her throwbacks!

While the stars are grateful for the ongoing popularity of the film, don’t hold your breath for a reboot any time soon! “What, like 15 Going on 50?” Jennifer said during a Good Morning America interview in April 2019. “Let’s simmer down! Leave well enough alone!”

What has the cast been up to since the movie first premiered? Well, J-14 decided to do some investigating, and it turns out, they’ve accomplished a lot over the last 17 years. Scroll through our gallery to find out what the cast of 13 Going On 30 is up to now.

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