Everywhere you look, the Tanner Family is there! Full House premiered in September 1987, and first welcomed fans into their now-iconic San Francisco home. All these years later, and fans both young and old still love watching D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Michelle Tanner (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) grow up with the help of their dad Danny (Bob Saget), his friend Joey (Dave Coulier) and their Uncle Jesse (John Stamos).

After eight seasons, the show came to an end in May 1995, but that wasn’t the end for the Tanner family. Years later, Netflix reunited some of the stars for the spinoff series Fuller House, which premiered in 2016. The reimagined version of the series had D.J. and Stephanie living in their childhood home while learning to deal with adulthood and parenting. Of course, Danny, Joey and Jesse made many appearances. The reboot aired on the streaming service for five seasons before coming to an end in 2020. Although there’s no sixth season on the horizon, Candice revealed her ideas for more Fuller House season 6 while chatting with Insider in June 2020.

“We understand why they didn’t [show Stephanie parenting], but that was something that I would have wanted to see in Season 6, her truly raising a baby,” the actress explained. “I would have liked to have seen a lot more storylines with the kids and particularly the babies because I think that’s something that was so special in Full House. You actually saw the stages and growth from an infant into a toddler.”

She continued, “I think there are still so many stories that could be told in the Fuller House, especially with all of them being married, and then [with them] still living under the same roof together … I think there’s so much more.”

Even though both shows have since come to an end, the cast is still a family.

“We’ve stayed friends all these years. It’s not just a press thing that we say,” Bob, for one, told Us Weekly of seeing his costars all grown up in Fuller House in December 2019. “To see them so accomplished and see three empowered women do a comedy kids show with morality lessons — it had those elements in the original series. I was more emotional about seeing them and being with them. It’s not the same show it used to be, but it can’t be.”

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