Oh Mylanta! It's hard to believe, but it has actually been 30 whole years since Full House first aired on television. It seems like everything has changed since then, from the hairstyles to the clothes to the silly slang. Yet still, the show has remained to stay relatable and binge-worthy as ever. The classic sitcom truly stands the test of time. After running for eight seasons, there are still re-runs of the legendary show on air today.

So what happened to every family's favorite characters? A lot. They went on to star in other television shows and movies – as well as dive into the fashion world, educate themselves and even start big, happy families of their own!

Almost all of the cast (with the exception of a few, of course) have reprised their roles in the spin-off Netflix series, very appropriately titled Fuller House. The premiere date of Season 3 isn't just random though. September 22, 2017 is the 30-year anniversary of the 1987 sitcom. Danny, Jessie and Joey even make epic entrances in outfits that match their Season 1 clothes. UGH, ALL THE FEELS. Watch the video below to see Full House to Fuller House cast transformations that will bring on all the nostalgia.

What else has the original Full House cast been up to (besides starting in Fuller House, of course?) In light of the 30th anniversary, we decided to dig around and find out!

Click through the gallery to see what the '90s stars are up to now.

This post was originally published on September 22, 2016 and since has been updated.

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