When Netflix announced that Fuller House — a reboot of the beloved classic sitcom that is Full House — was in the works, no one knew how to feel. It features the OG cast reprising their roles (minus Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle Tanner obvi), but would it be as good as its predecessor? We know Full House wasn't the most sophisticated of television shows to ever exist, but it's cheesiness and fondness for dramatic background music that would play as all of the Tanner family's problems were solved with a group hug was a formula no one could ever really resist. The new show is thought to bring all this warm-hearted goodness to a new generation with a plot not too far off from the original: this time around, it's our dear DJ who has found herself a widow raising three boys, so her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy Gibbler (plus Kimmy's daughter) move in to help her out in this new chapter of her life.

And then we watched the first three seasons. To say this show has a few, um, issues with the overall quality of storytelling is one thing, but there is one major plot point we can't get over no matter how hard we try: the fact that DJ's late husband is barely ever mentioned. Pretty sure he's been spoken about a solid three times. Naturally, we just had to vent all our feelings about it because frankly, we're still mad about it. Watch the video above to get an ear full about why the lack of Mr. Fuller talk just grinds our gears.

how rude

The story goes that Tommy Fuller Sr. was a firefighter who died in the line of duty. That is heartbreaking and yet DJ has cried, like, once about it. Of course, the focus of this series isn't to show DJ mourning all the time, but hello, their three sons barely make any mention of him either. And, side note, why is it that her youngest child, a literal toddler, is the one named Tommy Jr. when she had two other sons before the baby she named Jackson and Max? Weird.

Plus, the show went right into a love triangle, with DJ being torn between her high school sweetheart Steve and fellow cute veterinarian, Matt. Honestly, it all happened so fast and, once again, makes zero sense — it feels like her marriage to Tommy isn't being valued at all. On Full House, Danny's late wife, DJ's mom Pam, was often spoken about and her legacy even lives on in the Netflix series. As we know, Uncle Jesse is Pam's brother and when Jesse and his wife Becky adopt a baby girl, they name her Pam. Already, she's proving to still be a character who is on everyone's minds and yet we know next to nothing about poor Tommy Fuller Sr. Season 4, you better deliver with some more Tommy Sr. backstory.

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