The Princess Switch came to Netflix this season, and it quickly became one of our all time favorite Christmas flicks. In the sweet movie, Vanessa Hudgens stars as both Stacy, a baker from Chicago, and Margaret, a duchess from literally across the world, who decide to switch places after they discover they look super alike. It was sort of like The Parent Trap with a little more Christmas spirit!

But after watching the movie, as much as we all loved it, there were a few questions on everyone’s mind. For exmaple, why won’t Stacy take off that “Chicago” hat? Why did it take Kevin two days to realize he’d forgotten his toothpaste? And what is up with the old man who seems to follow Vanessa’s characters everywhere?

These are all totally valid questions, and the director of the movie, Mike Rohl, is here to answer them! He recently sat down with Vanity Fair where he gave us all the behind-the-scene’s deets about making the adorable rom-com. Scroll through to find out the answers to all of your burning questions about The Princess Switch!

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