It’s happening — The Princess Switch: Switched Again is coming to Netflix!

Thanks to the streaming service and Vanessa Hudgens, the holiday season is coming early this year when the highly-anticipated sequel to the film The Princess Switch officially premieres! The former High School Musical star reprised both her roles as Stacy De Novo and Duchess Margaret when the sequel kicked off production in December 2019. The actress could be seen filming inside a Volkswagen Bus in Edinburgh, Scotland, according to photos obtained by the Daily Mail at the time. She was sporting a red winter coat and a white floral-print headscarf.

The first Princess Switch movie hit Netflix in November 2018 and quickly became a fan-favorite after viewers were introduced to Stacy, a baker from Chicago, and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro. When the pair met up in the fictional country of Belgravia and discovered they looked exactly alike, they decided to switch places so that Margaret could enjoy living a normal life. Both girls’ lives quickly became complicated when they found themselves falling for the handsome men in each other’s lives.

Now, fans around the world are waiting for the sequel to officially hit Netflix. Thankfully, so much information about the second film has been released, including plot details, which characters are returning and, most importantly, the release date. But that’s not all! Netflix also confirmed that a third Princess Switch flick was in the works.

To celebrate this epic news, J-14 decided to break down everything you need to know about the second Princess Switch movie, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, before it’s released. Scroll through our gallery for all the details. 

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