The holiday season is finally in full swing, and we’re celebrating by listening to all the festive tunes!

As December 25th gets closer and people struggle to come up with Christmas gifts for their family and friends, everyone seems to be blasting the classic songs like “Jingle Bells,” “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” “Santa Baby” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on repeat. But a bunch of famous musicians have actually dropped their very own original holiday songs over the years.

“THANKFUL FOR A LOT THIS YEAR, ESPECIALLY MY FAM,” Meghan Trainor shared via Instagram in November 2021 when announcing her holiday single “My Kind of Present.” The music video featured her husband, Daryl Sabara, and their son, Riley.

Liam Payne, for one, shared his Christmas song “Naughty List,” featuring Dixie D’Amelio in 2020. Of course, that’s not the only fan-favorite track! By now, we all know the Jonas Brothers‘ “Like It’s Christmas” and Justin Bieber‘s “Mistletoe.”

“I love the idea that Christmas is not only one day, but it’s also a state of mind and a feeling,” the Jonas Brothers’ songwriter Freddy Wexler said in a November 2019 interview with MTV. “So I think this idea of, ‘You make every day feel like it’s Christmas,’ resonated with them on a very human level.”

He added, “The Jonas Brothers took a good idea, and turned it into something really special. I was pretty blown away. They’re incredibly talented. The way they interpreted the melodies and the groove, and their ideas for modernizing it … all of that was really instrumental in the record that we got.”


Let us not forget Hilary Duff‘s “Santa Claus Lane,” which will never get old, TBH, and Taylor Swift‘s entire Christmas album from back in 2007! Since then, Taylor has since released another Christmas song: “Christmas Tree Farm.” She even rereleased the track in November 2021.

“This version is amazing because it feels like that more sorta laid back Christmas feel of doing all your shopping and relaxing by a fire, and it’s definitely that old school Christmas feel,” she told Amazon Music.

These aren’t the only celebrity holiday favorites that have been released by some major stars over the years! Grab a pair of headphones and get ready to bring on the holiday cheer with this playlist. Scroll through our gallery to discover all the stars who have released original Christmas and Hanukkah songs.

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