Remember back in October when Netflix announced the sequel to fan favorite Christmas movie The Princess Switch? Well, get ready because The Princess Switch: Switched Again has officially started filming!

On Wednesday, December 11, reports surfaced that Vanessa Hudgens had reprised her roles as both Stacy De Novo and Duchess Margaret as the upcoming holiday film kicked off production in Edinburgh, Scotland. The actress could be seen filming inside a Volkswagen Bus. She was sporting a red winter coat and a white floral-print headscarf.

According to the Netflix “See What’s Next” Twitter account, there’s set to be some major trouble in paradise for Duchess Margaret and Kevin in the upcoming flick. They also confirmed that Nick Sagar would return as Kevin in the second movie.

“In the sequel, Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne and hits a rough patch with Kevin, so it’s up to Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike — party girl Fiona — foils their plans,” the account shared.

For those who missed it, the first flick followed two girls — Stacy, a baker from Chicago, and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro. When the pair met in the fictional country of Belgravia and discovered they looked exactly alike, they decided to switch places so that Margaret could enjoy living a normal life. Both girls’ lives quickly became super complicated when they found themselves falling for the handsome men in each other’s lives.

As fans know, The Princess Switch isn’t the only Netflix holiday movie the 30-year-old has appeared in. On November 21, the streaming service released their latest Christmas-themed romantic comedy, The Knight Before Christmas. It starred the High School Musical alum as a high school science teacher, named Brooke who found herself falling head-over-heels for the time traveling gallant English knight, Sir Cole, who is seeks out his true quest after a sorceress inadvertently sends him from the medieval era to present day.

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