Prepare to have your mind totally blown! Since they dropped their first-ever original holiday film in 2017, Netflix has been building out their own little movie universe. From The Princess Switch to The Holiday Calendar and everything in between, all the worlds in these holiday-themed flicks are totally interconnected.

Viewers first started to notice some Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the movies and speculated that the characters might all be in the same universe. Then, during an interview with Business Insider, actor Josh Whitehouse also backed the theory when he pointed out that The Knight Before Christmas has a total crossover moment with The Christmas Prince

“I became aware of that when I was on set filming and they had to explain this acorn thing to us,” the actor revealed to the publication. “I knew [Netflix] had a couple of Christmas film, but I didn’t realize they have quite as many as they do.”

On December 6, Netflix totally confirmed the theory with a Twitter thread that broke down how the holiday classics became intertwined.

“Welcome to Netflix’s Holiday Movie Universe, an interconnected world of eight films (and counting) where anyone could become a princess and your soulmate may be hiding in plain sight — or the past!” the wrote on Twitter alongside a visual aid of how the movies fit together.

Netflix Christmas Movie Universe

Where did the idea first come from? Where does the Christmas movie universe go from here? No worries, because J-14 has you covered! Scroll through our gallery for a complete guide to how Netflix’s original holiday films are connected.

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