Get ready for a total throwback and prepare to feel old! Disney Channel’s original movie Get a Clue premiered nearly 19 years ago and kicked off some pretty major careers in the process. Of course, by the time this spy movie hit the network, Lindsay Lohan was already a household name — but the fan-favorite DCOM introduced fans to Brenda Song and Bug Hall, among others.

The eventual Mean Girls actress starred as Lexy in Get a Clue and recruited her friends to help solve a pretty major mystery after one of their high school teachers goes missing in New York City. The budding newspaper editor finds herself in some sticky situations and uncovers a blackmail scheme, all while discovering that her missing teacher (who is eventually found) is actually in love with another faculty member. As young viewers, the entire movie kept us on the edge of our seats and, thanks to Disney+, it’s being passed down from generation to generation.

When celebrating the flick’s 15-year anniversary in June 2017, screenwriter Alana Sanko chatted with Millennial Hallmarker about creating the iconic film.

“One of my favorite scenes is in the beginning where Lexy and her best friend compare outfits on their webcams,” she gushed. “At the time (around 2000), it sounded so futuristic to be able to see someone on the phone. People did have webcams, but they typically weren’t very good and were hard to come by. I remember thinking how cool it would be to do a wardrobe check with your best friend before school like that. I also had a lot of fun researching spy gadgets.”

As for the possibility of a sequel, Alana said never say never! “I would, of course, love to write a sequel, but I’d have to think about what the story might be,” she shared. “Perhaps something involving Lexy as an investigative reporter defending the ‘fake media.'”

The writer even explained why she thinks the movie has stood the test of time. “A lot of fun things came together,” Alana said. “To name a few — a great cast with chemistry, a mystery to solve, spy gadgets and some fashion fun.”

It’s safe to say that this fan-favorite spy flick will live on forever. So, what did the Get a Clue stars do after their movie premiered? Well, they all became major success stories! As for where they are now, click through our gallery to find out. 

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