Don’t call her London Tipton anymore! Brenda Song is all grown up — and she’s now a mom of two.

Although she actress transitioned out of her Disney Channel days when the Suite Life on Deck came to an end in 2011, she wouldn’t be opposed to playing her iconic character one more time.

“I think Stuck in the Suburbs would be fun to redo,” she told Elite Daily in November 2019 about which of her iconic characters she’d like to revisit. “But I also feel like London is a classic character to bring back. I would love to see what London Tipton is doing in 2019. … There are times when people ask: ‘Where would London be right now?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t even know.’ Which is actually really kind of fun. I think that would be a fun route to take.”

If she was asked to do a Suite Life reboot, the Dollface star wondered, “How could you say no? It would be fun.” Although she did note, “It would depend on what it is, but I think it would be so much fun.”

Further reflecting on her Disney Channel days during the same interview, Brenda recalled that “one of the hardest things” she ever had to do was say goodbye to her Suite Life costars on camera. “They had to tell [us], ‘You can’t be this sad. You’re too emotional.’ I was like, ‘This is not fake. This is a 100 percent real,'” the Hulu star shared.

Of course, there’s no Suite Life reboot in the works (yet), so Brenda has been focused on other projects.

“I think there’s this stigma about coming out of Disney where people are almost ashamed of it. I was like, ‘No, I’ve been fortunate enough to work since I was very, very young.’ There’s a lot of pressure when you come out of it to become an adult actor right away. But for me personally, I’ve lived such a sheltered life because I was on a set all the time,” she recalled to Bustle in February 2022. “I had my first kiss on camera. So, while there were a lot of [dark] parts that came around I just let people know, ‘I’m not cool enough to go and play this dark role. Sorry, guys.’ People were really surprised.”

In the end, she went for roles that were “the exact opposite” of London Tipton. And, she’s been killing it ever since!

Scroll through our gallery to see Brenda’s total transformation over the years. 

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