Can you believe Jesse McCartney‘s 2004 hit “Beautiful Soul” turns 20 years old this year? The 2000s heartthrob sat down with J-14, where he reacted to the iconic track’s music video, some of his most memorable TV show appearances such as Hannah Montana and so much more! Keep reading for our exclusive interview with the actor. 

On “Beautiful Soul”

Jesse: “That is my first debut single, ‘Beautiful Soul,’ back in 2004 — 20 years old this year. That was such a great experience and working on that music video was so cool. We filmed in New York. The director is Mark Webb, who is now one of the biggest movie directors, [he] directed Spider Man and is just one of the biggest directors in Hollywood. But this was, I think, his last music video and I actually ran into him years later. He was casting a pilot for, I think it was either CBS or one of them, but and I auditioned for him, which is crazy. But yeah, this was great. I really enjoyed making this video. It was like a two day shoot in the fall in New York and it’s a classic now. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

On “Faux Fur”

Jesse: This is one of my latest singles called ‘Faux Fur,’ and and I got to record it in Los Angeles at a legendary recording studio called The Village. With a group of endlessly talented musicians, from drums to bass to live horns to live strings, it was just such a refreshing moment to be able to record music again the old school way. And in that clip, Carole King is in is there, like, giving notes to the band. And she dropped in on my session, which I thought was incredibly gracious and legendary. And all the musicians who were, you know, just pros were like bowing, you know, to her. And the song, I think came out better as a result of her being there. But yeah, just one of my latest endeavors in the world of music.

On Suite Life Life of Zack and Cody cameo

Jesse: I think I was like 16/17, maybe. I got to work with such incredible young actors, Brenda Song, of course, and Ashley Tisdale and the guys. This was such a fun show. I mean, they invited me to do one or two episodes, I think. And now when fans come up to me, I think this is one of like the highlights and their memory when they think of me as watching that episode. And it’s just wild to think about how we’re all grown-ups now and we’re all doing,  everyone’s doing well, and it was super cool to work with such talented young people in the same room. And yeah, I look back on that and it’s very nostalgic for me. I’m sure for you guys as well.


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On Hannah Montana cameo

Jesse: Oh, Miley [Cyrus], Hannah Montana. Those were the days. I mean, what a huge part of the early 2000s. That show, I think, is part of the social fabric of that time. And being on the show was a huge honor and Miley and I are still good buds. I see her from time to time and you know, that was another one of those shows where I think people associate me with with Hannah. I only did like one or two episodes. People think I was on the show full time, but it was really nice for her to have me on, and it’s nice to see her thriving and still doing so well.

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