Look back on your Nickelodeon days and what do you remember? Nearly every show or movie had a mean kid in it!

Reed Alexander, for one, was known for his role as Nevel Papperman in iCarly. You will “rue the day” … who could forget that?! Years after the original iteration of the series came to an end, the actor reprised his role for the 2021 Paramount+ reboot.

“I had tremendous faith that it would work,” he told Insider in June 2021 about bringing the character back to TV. “I knew that Nevel was such a fun character that no matter which way they took it, he was going to be over the top and dramatic and he was going to speak in a very Shakespearean way. We would bring all of those hallmarks of Nevel to whatever plotline that the writers decided on.”

Following his time on the show, the actor actually went on to become a finance reporter. But reuniting with the cast was “like picking up a friendship, right where it left off.”

Reed shared, “It’s not just a friendship, but doing a job and doing this professional dance together. And the table read really, really worked. And I got out of that Zoom table read thinking, ‘OK we can do this.’ And Nevel, who had been asleep for eight years, just kind of re-awoke and we got right back down to business.”

He’s not the only star who looks back on their Nickelodeon days fondly. Daniella Monet, who fans know as Trina from Victorious, actually played the role of mean girl Rebecca in Zoey 101 first. However, when it comes to reprising her past characters, she’s more likely to play Trina again.

“We could have been on there forever. I feel like we all just really enjoyed everyone’s company,” Daniella said of Victorious on her “Adulting Like A Mother Father” podcast. Reflecting on her character, she added, “People always wonder, like, why I’m not super annoying in person … they think I’m very different than Trina, which is the point because we’re playing roles!”

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