Getting their start on a different network! A few actors and actresses appeared on Disney Channel before changing networks and becoming Nickelodeon stars.

Before nabbing a role on both Zoey 101 and Victorious, Victoria Justice was actually on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The songstress appeared on the episode “The Fairest of Them All” as Rebecca and gave Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse) his first kiss.

“I think I learn from every job that I work on. I was so young. We were all so young!” Victoria told Collider in March 2021 about the role. “I think I was 11 when I was on that show. It might have been my first guest-starring role. It was certainly my first kiss with Cole. I’ll never forget that.”

During the same interview, the eventual Nickelodeon star praised her time working with Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

“I think watching them, they just did such a great job and there’s a lot to balance when you’re a kid and you’re trying to get all your hours of schoolwork in and then you’re also working these long hours and then you’re also trying to find time to still be a normal kid and hang out with friends. I’ve always admired that about Dylan and Cole,” she added. “Even though they’ve been in the spotlight since they were so young and are so famous, they’re so normal. When you hang out with them, they’re just super grounded, down to earth, cool guys. And their parents, their dad specifically I think, always made it that way for them, and I always admired that a lot.”

She’s not the only one who had a surprise appearance on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Before he was Freddie Benson, Nathan Kress played the role of Jamie on the episode “Back in the Game.” Gage Golightly — who starred in both Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows — was also a Suite Life guest star. Who knew?!

Scroll through our gallery to see which Nickelodeon stars got their acting start on a Disney Channel movie or TV show. 

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