Brace yourselves, The Thundermans fans. We know it’s impossible to believe, but there was a time when one of the leading stars of the show wasn’t set to star in it at all. We’re talkin’ Jack Griffo.

Yep, that’s right. Jack was not even supposed to be in the Nickelodeon comedy at all. Not only was the actor not set to star in the series, but his character Max Thunderman wasn’t even created when the show was first in the works. Turns out, they ended up deciding last minute to create a twin for Kira Kosarin‘s character Phoebe – and they thought Jack would be the perfect guy to do it.

jack griffo kira kosarin

Why? Well, a previous Nick project of his had totally fallen flat, so he never got a chance to snag a role. So the very next year, they called him up asking if he’d be interested in playing Kira’s twin bro. And obviously, he was all about.

“I had a big pilot previously, but Nickelodeon let me go when the pilot didn’t get picked up, which was hard for a 15-year-old kid. The next year, they called my reps about The Thundermans,” Jack revealed in a recent interview.

It was basically fate, tbh.

“I knew about the show, because I knew Kira [Kosarin]. It was already a pilot, and there wasn’t a role for me, but they explained that they had changed the show a bit. It was now about twins instead of just a girl. I went in and read for the show, and the rest is history from there,” the Nickelodeon cutie added.

So next time we’re watching The Thundermans, we’re going to be extra thankful for Max. We wouldn’t ever want to watch it without him.

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