Throwing it back! The Thundermans came to an end after four seasons in May 2018, but the cast is still a family.

Kira Kosarin (Phoebe Thunderman), Jack Griffo (Max Thunderman), Addison Riecke (Nora Thunderman), Diego Velazquez (Billy Thunderman), Chris Tallman (Hank Thunderman), Rosa Blasi (Barb Thunderman) and Maya Le Clark (Chloe Thunderman) were introduced as Nickelodeon’s superhero family when the show premiered in October 2013. Throughout all four seasons, fans watched as Phoebe dreams of being a hero while her twin, Max, wants to be a villain. After three seasons of fighting on opposite sides of his family, Max decides to fight alongside The Thundermans instead of against them.

While they’ve retired their superhero outfits for now, Kira still has hers. The actress tried on her The Thundermans costume for a now-viral TikTok video in 2020.

“It was so strange [to wear it again]. A oddly enough, like, I haven’t worn it in a really long time. I really, I don’t think I’ve put it on since the show ended, you know, three years ago we wrapped filming and something just came over me that I was like, I have to do it for the ‘Wipe It Challenge.’ It’s just perfect,” Kira recalled while chatting with J-14 exclusively in June 2020. “Then, I realized the day I put on the suit was the two-year anniversary [of] the series finale of the show airing, which was so strange that after not wearing the suit for three years, something just came over me to put it on, on the two-year anniversary of finale. … It was crazy. It was cool. It was like nice to, kind of, be Phoebe again and just go back in time a little bit.”

During the same interview, Kira also revealed which stars she’s stayed in touch with since the show ended. She recalled “briefly” catching up with on-screen brother Jack along with other former costars.

“I had a FaceTime catchup session with Audrey [Whitby]. I actually ended up, driving by her house in a parade for her birthday, because it was towards the beginning of quarantine,” the songstress gushed. “I had a FaceTime — an Instagram Live catchup session with Diego, which was really fun. He’s 18 now, has a girlfriend and just got his first car, he’s such a cool kid. So, that was fun.”

As for whether the former Nickelodeon star would be down to get the cast back together? She said, “It could be cool to do a reunion special.”

Scroll through our gallery to see photos from The Thundermans cast reunions over the years. 

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