For the most part, celebrities who got their start on Disney Channel look back at their time on the network with fond memories. That being said, some major names — like Miley Cyrus, Stefanie Scott and Bella Thorne — have thrown major shade over the years.

Jonas Brothers‘ singer Joe Jonas just got real with Wonderland magazine in May 2019 about the struggles of being Disney Channel stars. Yes, the boys are grateful for the network’s help when it came to getting their start, but things got awkward when they started to outgrow their squeaky-clean image.

“When we were getting started, we were in a position at one point where we were without a label and we didn’t really know what the next steps were going to be and Disney reached out with a huge opportunity for us to be signed by them and work on a TV show,” the New Jersey native said at the time. “This was kind of a saving grace for us in that point of our career and we jumped at that opportunity.”

Joe continues, “As you get older and you’re a young adult, and you’re still on the Disney Channel, that can feel a little uncomfortable. Creatively, you can feel like you’re a little boxed in and you can’t really expand and grow. Lyrically, what you’re going through in that time in your life, you have to protect your audience by only writing what Disney would approve. It was a little bit tricky as we got older, that’s for sure.”

The “Year 3000” singer isn’t the only former Disney star who’s opened up about their time on the network. Scroll through our gallery to uncover which other Disney stars have spoken out. 

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