This may be hard to believe, but A.N.T. Farm premiered 10 years ago! In May 2011, fans were first introduced to China Anne McClain, Stefanie Scott, Carlon Jeffery, Aedin Mincks, Jake Short, Sierra McCormick and more musical prodigies as they attended the Advanced Natural Talent program at their California high school. Of course, following it’s series finale in March 2014, fans are still hoping for a comeback! Thankfully, all three seasons are available for streaming on Disney+.

During an interview with Girls’ Life, China revealed her favorite things about her character, Chyna. “She is way more talkative than I am,” the actress said at at the time. “She’s able to stand up for herself, and she’s just really confident.”

The Descendants star also recalled her time on set revealing that she never felt any pressure when having to play multiple instruments for the show.

“Whenever I have to play an instrument that I have never played before, somebody comes in and helps me and shows me how to hold it and stuff like that,” she told KidzWorld in June 2011. “On the first episode I had to play violin and I had never played it before so, hopefully, it looked real. But, I’m learning it right now, which is pretty fun.”

China also dished on her character at the time, and said, “She gets herself into stuff that she can’t get out of sometimes. I think that’s definitely one of her big flaws.”

Ever since the show came to an end, all the stars went on to accomplish some pretty major things! The cast of the epic series is constantly up to new things that we can all get excited about! It’s safe to say that they’ve certainly accomplished a lot since the show ended all those years ago, and you’re not going to believe how much they’ve grown. Scroll through the gallery to see what the cast of A.N.T. Farm is up to now.

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