Adrienne Bailon is super excited about marrying her fiance Israel Houghton but there is one thing about her relationship that she isn't too thrilled about. And that is having him watch her mega successful Disney Channel original movie, The Cheetah Girls.

This might come as shock because this DCOM was literally legendary. Fans still dress up like the girls and the music can still get caught in your head for days! So what's Adrienne's beef with the movie? She doesn't feel like she looks grown up and doesn't want her fiance to see her like that.

When she first tried to get the role, Adrienne revealed, "So now I'm going into this audition, they want me to play 16. So I was like, ‘I'm just getting grown and sexy. Y'all trying to have me play a Disney character,' and at this time I was starting to date more. Once I finished the film I never wanted guys to watch it."

She continued, "Until this day I don't want Israel to watch it because as fun and amazing it was, it totally murders my sexy… It's like really young."

Aww! While she definitely has a point here, we have a feeling Israel would totally love seeing his girl in the movie. There's no doubt about how much she has grown up since then and we have a feeling he would understand that this was a piece of her adolescence. Not to mention, her vocals in the movie are FIRE…who wouldn't want to show that off??

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