Fan-favorite Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie premiered on July 19, 2013. Starring Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Chrissie Fit, John DeLuca, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, Jordan Fisher and more, the flick followed the story of Brady (played by Ross) and Mack (played by Maia) who find themselves transported into a 1960s musical movie titled Wet Side Story. Following its success, the film’s sequel — Teen Beach 2 — premiered years later, on June 26, 2015.

When reflecting on his time on the film’s set, Garrett (who played Tanner in the flicks) gushed over working alongside Ross.

“He is one of the kindest people. It was just always so easy working together,” the actor said during an April 2020 appearance on the “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback” YouTube show. “A lot of times we would just like sit and hang out until the next shot, which, you know, most of the time you would go and hang out in your trailer alone or take a nap because you’re exhausted or something.”

Garrett isn’t the only one who has epic memories of the movie. J-14 chatted exclusively with one of the Teen Beach Movie backup dancers Britt Stewart in November 2020, and she had nothing but amazing things to say about the film.

“Specifically for Teen Beach Movie, all of us were pinching ourselves while in production because we filmed in Puerto Rico,” she recalled. “The whole time, it really didn’t feel like work. It was just so much fun because we were all there together. It had a very similar vibe to High School Musical as well. We all have maintained friends. We really built this family while we were there in Puerto Rico.”

While it’s been years since the movie premiered, fans are still able to stream both films via Disney+. Over the years, the cast has even revealed a ton of hidden behind-the-scenes secrets that fans probably didn’t know about the films, and J-14 uncovered them all! Looking for some seriously juicy, unknown facts about the musical movies? Not to worry because, from kisses that never happened to how the stars kept their costumes in tact while dancing around, we have you totally covered. Scroll through our gallery uncover some socking behind-the-scenes secrets about Teen Beach Movie

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