Disney Channel’s Kim Possible will go down in history as one of the most iconic animated series, ever! The show starred Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry, Raven-Symoné, Kirsten Storms and more. It followed the story of an average high school student who saves the world from super villains in her free time, and thanks to Disney+ we’re able to stream it whenever we want!

In 2019, the series briefly returned to TV with a live-action movie, and a whole new cast. Of course, Christy made a special appearance in the flick. “I think that Kim Possible still is a really good role model for kids. She is a good sister. She is a good daughter. She is a really loyal friend. She really cares about people,” the actress told TV Insider in February 2019. “Initially, why Kim Possible even started was because she started a website and started getting pings to save people all over the world. Then she lifted into it accidentally, so Kim Possible is someone who rises to the occasion. That is why kids will be inspired by her today.”

Although Christy didn’t play Kim, she was a part of a scene in the movie that paralleled the show’s first episode. “My character is pretty fun because she is giving Kim a ride to a mission, which is throwback to our first animated show,” the Broadway star said at the time. “She didn’t have a driver’s license. She had to rely on important people to give her rides … It was fun to be a part of that throwback within a throwback. It was very meta.”

The new Kim Possible stars agreed, noting that having Christy around was “incredible.”

“For us, knowing that we have her blessing is a really special thing,” Ciara Riley Wilson told HollywoodLife in February 2019. “It made us really confident in our movie that we have so many people from the original series kind of working on it and knowing that it’s going to do it justice and that we’re all really confident about this film and what it all is.”

Remember Kim’s iconic catchphrase? Well, Christy herself herself helped create it back in the day! “That catchphrase came from a collaboration from me and the creators,” she recalled during the TV Insider interview. “I feel like I put my stamp on Kim Possible a long time ago.”

But what is Christy and the rest of the stars up to now? Well, J-14 decided to do some investigating, and it turns out, the cast has accomplished so much since the show’s premiere! Scroll through our gallery to uncover what the cast of Kim Possible is doing these days.

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