Ross Lynch has been rather busy since his Disney Channel series Austin & Ally ended. He’s filmed movies, made music with his former band R5, and started another duo, The Driver Era with his brother Rocky, all before landing the role of Harvey Kinkle on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Longtime fans of the 22-year-old know he’s a pretty amazing singer, dancer, and actor, but being a triple threat isn’t all that easy to balance, something Ross recently admitted.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporterhe explained that it’s not the easiest to make music while he’s acting and when he’s making music, he can’t really be in acting mode. So it’s one or the other for him!

“It’s really interesting because the show wants me to be there all the time, regardless of if I’m working or not. And you want to go play a festival here and there, but you also don’t want to have it conflict with the show schedule. And also I get so obsessed with the show to where it’s hard to make music when really, all I want to do is make this show, right now at least,” Ross explained, as he’s currently filming the second season of CAOS. “It’s hard to shift your priorities. And the music world is really interesting right now too because there’s so many people making music and it’s so easy to throw it up on the internet and throw it up on Spotify. So trying to navigate that all right now.”

Since Ross is very much in TV mode right now filming the show, he’s not focused on making music. But that doesn’t mean he won’t get back to it eventually. What’s been fun for him is letting his current castmates in on all he did before they met him.

“It was really interesting booking this job because a lot of my castmates had no idea what I spent the last five years of my life doing. So sometimes, I’ll show them some live footage of me performing and they’/l be like, ‘Where are you?’ and I’m like, ‘I was in Argentina in an arena somewhere’ and they have no idea. So that part is kind of fun,” Ross explained.

He’s getting to relive all the good times he had out on the road while he’s busy on the show, so we have a feeling the music bug is never going to leave Ross. He went on to say that he can’t even choose between acting and music as being able to take part in both worlds is what he loves the most.

“The acting world seems to be a lot more luxurious and comfortable which is nice from time to time. Like when you’re on the road, you’re not showering all the time — at least the road experiences I’ve had — and you’re staying up really late and going out a lot,” Ross explained. “The worlds are very different. As far as which one I prefer, I prefer having them both.”

That just means more Ross content for us all, so it’s a win-win here. All on his own terms, of course.

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