Ever since R5 burst onto the scene they have been absolutely slaying the game! Not only do they create total jams for their fans to rock out to but they also put on a fantastic show when they go on tour.

But, what will happen five years down the road? Will this band comprised of siblings and one of their besties turned boyfriend split up or continue to do what they love? While that question has always been quite unclear for every band who has had major success early on, fans are now getting some answers specifically about R5's future.

Riker Lynch chatted with Noho Arts District about it all and said, "Sometime in 2017 will be another album and another tour. In five years, I bet we’re on tour somewhere. One of us will probably be married (laughs) maybe even have a kid."


Who is having the baby?! Is there plans for a secret child or marriage that the world isn't aware of yet?

Of course, Ross Lynch has been dating Courtney Eaton for awhile and Rydel Lynch has been dating Ellington Ratliff. We have a feeling that Riker could see either one of these couples tying the knot and starting a family sooner rather than later.

To be honest, this would seriously turn heads but we're so excited to see how it all plays out. How cute would the kids be?!

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