Although the upcoming Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is all about the iconic character that is Sabrina Spellman having to decide on her 16th birthday if she’s going to choose a life as a mortal or life as a witch, which you know, isn’t something most teenagers have to worry about. But there’s one major storyline that fans are no doubt truly going to be obsessed with, and that’s the relationship between Sabrina and her boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle. But as the stars of the show who bring these characters to life Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch explain, fans are going to end up falling in love with this couple, just to worry about the ship. GREAT.

“Harvey is Sabrina’s first love and he sort of acts as her anchor to her mortal side, him along with all her other mortal friends. It’s the hardest part of her becoming a witch, she doesn’t want to leave them,” Ross explained in an interview with E!. “As the season goes on, he doesn’t know she’s a witch and he’s very much in love with Sabrina, or who he thinks Sabrina is. And as he starts to figure out more of what has gone on behind the scenes, it’s a lot of information to take in. And the magic bleeds into his life and some bad things happen.”

What kind of bad things are we talking here, Ross? While the 22-year-old obviously didn’t elaborate, Kiernan went on to well, not ease and fears out here either!

“When we first meet them, it’s so good, and so pure and it definitely changes are the season goes on,” the 18-year-old actress said in the same interview. “I do think people should worry about the relationship between Sabrina and Harvey. I think people will worry because Sabrina is a 16-year-old half witch, half mortal and has a lot of really handsome young men around her. As the storylines grow, things get really messy and that’s also a really interesting part of their relationship. But I think they sort of find each other because they’re very similar of Sabrina’s mortal ways.”

So not only does the couple have to deal with supernatural forces trying to tear them apart, but there might be some love triangle drama going down. The show hits Netflix on Sept. 26, so we’ll have to wait until then to get the full scope of it. But Kiernan herself is a huge fan of the Sabrina and Harvey love story.

“I think that Harvey and Sabrina both have a very similar speed, a very similar sense of humor. Harvey’s really artistic and Sabrina kind of admires that about him and they just get along. They both have really kind hearts, they’re both really at the core, good people,” Kiernan said. “And Sabrina and Harvey are just — at the beginning when we meet them — so young and almost innocent and sweet and that’s what I love so much about their relationship, is that it’s this sort of pure young love.”

How precious! Ross, on the other hand, is over here making it seem like Harvey could possibly have a dark ending, and we know this show is going to have some twists and turns along the way.

“People can die and come back. Not hinting at anything. The great thing about making a show about magic is that anything can happen. So I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen to Harvey,” he said to The Hollywood Reporter. Oh man, that is not okay! But given the fact that Ross is currently in the midst of filming Season 2 of the series, we have a feeling Harvey will be sticking around. As for his love story with Sabrina, well, we’ll just have to wait and see about that one.

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