Ross Lynch has been rather busy ever since his Disney Channel series Austin & Ally wrapped back in January of 2016. He's hard at work on new music with his band R5, took to the stage to perform in the Hollywood Bowl's version of A Chorus Line, and he's filmed a few upcoming movie roles, co-starring with Olivia Holt and his real-life girlfriend Courtney Eaton in Status Update and playing the lead role in My Friend Dahmer, starring as the teenage version of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Ross is obviously branching out and taking on tons of different projects and this was 100 percent his intention, since he's ready to break away and have the world get to know him outside of being Austin Moon and Brady in the Teen Beach movies.

"I was looking for a role that would somewhat be a challenge for me. I had done a lot of work with Disney, and sort of a younger demographic, and I was excited to do something that maybe people didn’t expect from me. And I had a really good time doing it," Ross said to Entertainment Weekly about taking on the role in My Friend Dahmer.

Although Ross is all about challenging himself and playing parts his fans might not be expected to see him as, he did reveal he isn't fully ready to say goodbye to his Disney days for good just yet. He confirmed he would for sure head back to star in something on the network if the chance came up.

"If Disney would take me, I’d love to go back. I love variety. I just love to do all sorts of work," Ross admitted.

OK, can we just take a moment?

ross lynch austin and ally

While some stars once they depart Disney Channel are all about leaving these roles in the past, there are others who embrace where they got their big break, and that is where Ross falls. Just look at Zendaya. She's currently still the lead actress on her second Disney show K.C. Undercover, and she's managed to star in movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman on Earth along with DC alum Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman. And even Ross' former co-star Laura Marano is still heavily an active member of the Disney Chanel family, hosting her own show on Radio Disney while she's working on her solo music. These girls are proof Ross could totally come back and possibly star in another legendary DCOM or show even. He's down, so let's make this happen now.

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