For a show that was so fun and hilarious, it now makes us pretty sad that Disney Channel canceled I Didn't Do It after two seasons in 2015. Now, it's been two years almost two years since the series' demise, and we're over here wondering what really happened with the show. What was I Didn't Do It about? The TV show followed twins Logan and Lindy Watson (played by Austin North and Olivia Holt), along with their three best friends Jasmine (Piper Curda), Garrett (Peyton Clark), and Delia (Sarah Gilman). The five of them were constantly getting into trouble. Plus, they had to deal with normal high school problems like crushes. Cue the insanity.

Why did I Didn't Do It end?

After the finale, the IDDI writers answered fan questions on Twitter and explained, in more detail, why the show ended. They openly admitted that it "wasn't [their] call" to cancel it, citing the series' low ratings.

iddi writers tweet 2

Although DisneyXD shows have been renewed with less viewership, the IDDI writers say that theirs didn't get renewed because Disney Channel is going after a "very different target audience." This means that the metrics are different as well.

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It turns out that the show wasn't performing as well as they needed it to. No matter how loved a show is, if it isn't getting good ratings, then networks have to cancel it. Some fans think Disney was out to get IDDI, but the writers know that's not the case.

They tweeted, "Disney did a great job promoting the original concept, but ratings dropped. Season 2 was different, but no one knew."

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When a fan accused the network of sabotaging I Didn't Do It, the writers defended Disney. They said, "If they wanted it to fail, they never would've picked it up for the second season."

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That's very true!

Is I Didn't Do It coming back for Season 3? Like, ever in the future?

As of right now, no. The writers of I Didn't Do It did discuss what would have to happen for the show to return, though. According to their tweet, the show would have needed to get better ratings in order to support a third season or spin-off.

In response to a fan who asked if the show could ever come back, the writers responded, "Disney owns the rights, so they could do whatever they wanted with IDDI. With better ratings, it would've been back."

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Although it was suggested that the series move to Freeform (then called ABC Family), that idea never came to fruition.

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But since the cast is now off doing their own things, it's unlikely that they'll create a new show. As much as we miss I Didn't Do It, we're so glad the cast has been able to pursue other things that are important to them. Those first two seasons will remain special forever and have spawned many deep friendships amongst the cast.

How many episodes are in I Didn't Do It?

In total, there were 39 episodes of the show. I Didn't Do It premiered on Disney Channel on January 17, 2014 and ran for two seasons before being canceled. The last episode aired on October 16, 2015. In fact, I Didn't Do It was canceled at the same time the network ended Jessie, the show starring Debby Ryan. The only difference was that several of the characters from Jessie were getting their own spin-off, BUNK'D.

How did the I Didn't Do It cast commemorate the show's cancelation?

The whole cast was emotional about the end of the show. A bunch of the stars watched the final episode live with fans and said their goodbyes. Sarah Gilman wrote an especially loving post about the end of I Didn't Do It on Instagram.

"Three years ago I walked into an audition for 'Delia, 14, bubbly, odd-ball, hipster…' not knowing it would change my life. I've danced with goats, been sprayed with fake spaghetti sauce, yelled at a giant pumpkin till I lost my voice, licked my foot, licked Peyton's hand, smashed cake on Pipes, played puppets with Liv, gone to New York with Austin (kind of)… The memories never end. But the show had to at some point. Which brings us here, to the end of the line," she wrote.

"I wouldn't trade the last three years for anything or anyone. Thank you guys for reading this post and for watching. Tune in to the Series Finale at 9pm: the Rescuers. Baroom Slingtang, Sarah 'Delia Delfano' Gilman PS. I did do it. It was me all along."

That last line has tears in our eyes. After two incredible seasons, it was sad to see these characters go, and Austin, Olivia, Peyton, and Piper shared their thoughts as well. Piper wrote on a goodbye message to the show on Twitter, revealing how much the show changed her life and gave her a second family.

"In December of 2012, I was offered the role of Jasmine in a new Disney Channel pilot called I Didn't Do It. Truth be told, I was hesitant to accept the role, but I did. And it absolutely changed my life. I had no idea this would be the wild three-year journey it turned out to be. I was introduced to the weirdest group of people that became my second family. I was given the opportunity to live out my biggest childhood dream. I got to draw my mouse ears and say, 'Hi, I'm Piper Curda from I Didn't Do It and you're watching Disney Channel.' I GOT TO DO THAT. And I am eternally grateful to the people that made all of that possible. The big room of executives and casting directors and writers and directors that fought for me and that allowed me to do what I always dreamt of doing," she wrote.

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"I am so ridiculously proud of the magic we created these past few years. I will always owe the world I have now to Disney Channel and what they have given me. And I will always think of my I Didn't Do It cast as my first cast and my second family. And I will always remember and love Jasmine Kang and her uncomfortable outfits and endearing sass. And I will always be immensely grateful to all of you. For watching, for tweeting, for supporting, for just being you guys and helping make these past three years some of the best years of my life. But now it's time for a new journey, and I hope you guys will be with me for it. This time, we really did do it."

Peyton Clark admitted that the finale of IDDI came "a little too soon," but wanted to thank the fans who supported the show throughout the years. After all, they're the reason the series even got two seasons!

Austin tweeted before the finale, "Tonight is the series finale of I Didn't Do it. Working on this show was one of the highlights of my life. I was blessed to work with such an amazing cast and crew. So many incredible memories were made. Thank you to everyone who helped make my dream a reality… And thank you to all the fans who supported the show and appreciated all the hard work we put in to it. ❤️."

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Olivia Holt wrote a short and sweet message on Twitter, commemorating the finale episode. She tweeted, "Get your tissues ready. I Didn't Do It series finale tonight. We sing a lil, we laugh a lil, and love a whole lot."

The show may be over, but it's clear that it had a huge impact on the actors.

Where is the cast of I Didn't Do It now?

So many places! After leaving the show, these actors have taken the world by storm. Olivia Holt has pursued her singing career and will be starring in the new Freeform show Cloak and Dagger. Austin North is starring in the Hulu show All Night alongside stars like Brec Bassinger. Sarah Gilman is a student at USC and often performs on-stage, too! Peyton Clark still acts and was recently in a film called Windsor. He's still going strong with girlfriend Sarah Carpenter, and they're seriously the cutest. Piper Curda is starring in a new movie called School Spirits and has been dating Troy Ogletree.

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