She loves a bathing suit moment! Olivia Holt has shared tons of bikini photos over the years, and continues to serve up some major inspiration for summer.

The actress got her start on Disney Channel before moving on from the network for more mature roles. Olivia showed off her epic acting skills in the Freeform series Cruel Summer, which premiered in June 2021, and has been killing it since then. Not to mention, the Tennessee native has also relaunched her singing career with singles like “Next.”

“It has been such an interesting journey as I’ve grown to like other genres,” Olivia told ELLE in December 2021 about her latest musical era. “I love hearing guitar and drums, and pieces that can be taken and put into a genre of music that everybody thinks they know and love so well. Pop can become such a stagnant thing, but if you take little elements that you love somewhere else and throw them into the mix, you have this really beautiful piece of art.”

Other than evolving with her art, the I Didn’t Do It actress also told the magazine about growing up in the public eye and in the digital age.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get in a good rhythm of understanding how social media or being in the spotlight works, but something that has worked for me is staying grounded in reality,” she admitted. “I try really hard to stay present and be with the people that I’m with. It’s definitely a challenge, but I find my way around it in the best way that I possibly can.”

Even when she was a Disney Channel darling, Olivia revealed that she tried not to let the haters get her down.

“I think as an actress, being in the public eye you’re always having people comment on you and judge you and comparing you to other girls, and it’s hard,” she explained to Seventeen in March 2016. “It’s definitely a challenge, and there’s nothing fun about it. But when I see something negative online, to me it’s funny. I just laugh it off. That’s a little bit easier than getting involved … just don’t dwell on it ever.”

As she’s grown up, the actress has continued to be super confident and inspiring to fans. Scroll through our gallery to see Olivia’s best bikini pics over the years. 

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