Ever since it first hit Netflix on April 15, fans have been seriously obsessed with the brand new teen drama series Outer Banks, and we decided to find out why! Described by the streaming service as a “coming of age” story, the 10-episode first season followed a group of local teens — nicknamed the “Pogues” — as they embarked on a summer-long treasure hunt to find main character, John B’s missing father. Aside from the epic mystery and seriously steamy forbidden romances, this show is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats with its constant twists and turns.

Now that we’ve caught your attention, you must have a ton of questions about Outer Banks. Like, who stars in the show? What kind of treasure are the teens looking for? Is there a deeper message in the show? Who’s dating who? Is there going to be a second season? And, most importantly, what’s a Pogue? Well, not to worry because J-14 has you covered! We broke down everything you need to know about the show that’s taken the world by storm! Scroll through our gallery to find out why the internet is obsessed with Outer Banks.

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