Totally Killer is a *total* Halloween hit. The Prime Video movie has Olivia Holt and Kiernan Shipka playing mother and daughter in a Back to the Future meets Halloween-inspired horror comedy film, which premiered in October 2023. So, who are the ~total~ killers in Totally Killer? We broke down all of the spoilers in the horror flick, including who the killer is, that time machine plot, the ending and more.

Keep reading to uncover Totally Killer spoilers (you’ve been warned).

What Is ‘Totally Killer’ About?

​​​​​​​In Totally Killer, teenager Jamie (played by Kiernan) is just trying to have a fun Halloween night, but her parents are worried about her going out. That’s because 35 years ago, three of their friends were murdered by a masked killer, now known as the “Sweet Sixteen Killer.” Naturally, Jamie convinces her parents to let her out, where she, of course, ends up meeting the killer directly.

Right before she meets her demise, she hides in a time machine and is transported back to 1987, right before the murders happened. There, she befriends her parents (as teens) and attempts to figure out exactly what happened that night and how to stop the killer before he strikes — or she will be stuck in 1987 forever.

Who Is the Sweet Sixteen Killer In ‘Totally Killer’?

It’s revealed that there are two “Sweet Sixteen Killers,” in Totally Killer.

When Jamie travels back in time, she meets her mother Pam (played by Olivia) and her high school friends, who are stereotypical mean girls. That night, the friend group gets a character named Trish drunk, which ultimately leads to her death after she drives home. It’s this unfortunate event that makes Doug (played by Nathaniel Appiah) — Trish’s boyfriend and Jamie’s principal in the future — spiral and become one of the Sweet Sixteen Killers.

Jamie’s group figures out it was Doug after they lure him to an amusement park, where they also learn that there is a second killer: Chris, the podcast guy (played by Nicholas Lloyd).

Chris’ murderous motives have to do with fame and celebrity status and felt that to do that, he had to refresh the case and create more murders. He took matters into his own hands and befriended Pam in the future before killing her. From there, he kills Amelia (played by Kelcey Mawema) and uses the time machine to travel back to 1987 in order to kill Jamie to make sure he doesn’t get caught.

What Happens In the End of ‘Totally Killer’?

During the amusement park standoff, Jamie has a one-and-one fight with Chris which she ultimately wins, successfully killing the killer, meaning she’s free to travel back to the future.

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Does Jamie Change the Future?

Everything that’s happened in 1987, of course, has an effect on the current day. When Jamie returns, she learns that her mom is alive and still married to her dad — however, they ended up getting together much earlier. This means that Jamie now has a 34-year-old brother — and his name is Jamie! Due to this, her name is now Colette. Another change includes the new principal Randy (played by Tommy Europe), since Doug died in 1987.

As for Chris the podcast guy, he appears to be keeping out of trouble (for now).

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