Dating apps are today’s way of meeting people. Almost everyone’s using apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge in the hopes of making a romantic connection that will eventually turn into a full-fledged relationship. And it turns out, celebrities are swiping right all day long too! Imagine if you came across your favorite star on a dating app? OMG.

But, there’s a catch. It turns out, most celebrities who sign up for a dating app do it within a certain elite app called, Raya. Basically, it’s like any other dating app, but it’s for famous people, and it’s got a whole bunch of ridiculous qualifications to join it (including a certain number of Instagram followers to prove that you’re a public figure).

So, who is using the app? Well, KJ Apa just revealed that he’s joined a dating app and it made us wonder, which other celebs were on the site? We decided to investigate, and the results are epic. It turns out, not all celebs are strictly on Raya. Stars like Niall Horan, Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, and more have been spotted on all kinds of dating apps. Who knows, maybe that’s where Joe met his fiancé Sophie Turner! Scroll through our gallery to find out which celebrities are using Raya and other dating apps, and prepare to be shook. 

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