Dating apps are 2017's way of meeting people and making a connection with them, a romantic connection the two only hope goes so far that it turns into a full-fledged relationship. But, us non-celebrity people aren't the only ones that are swiping right all day long, the stars are on there too! But, there's a catch. Most celebrities who sign up for a dating app do it within a certain elite app called, Raya. Basically, it's for the famous people. You need to have a certain number of Instagram followers proving that you are a public figure, friends already on the app that can refer you, you need to be ridiculously good looking and a few other pointless qualifications. After being reviewed, you are either accepted or denied. Literally, Raya execs are not messing around.

So, who is using the app and who isn't? Well, in Demi Lovato's documentary, Simply Complicated she opens up about a lot of things and her love life is one of them. She opens up about joining Raya and searching for girls and guys on the app. Demi even said she matched with a super pretty girl but obviously this gal's face was blurred out in the doc. Boo.

But, still, it's proof that she's on there and actively trying to find love. We decided to figure out who else in the celebrity community is on Raya or any other dating app. Even if they used it in the past and are currently in a relationship, it still counts. Who knows, they could have met their significant other on there!

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