When Louis Tomlinson‘s younger sister Félicité tragically passed away, the entire world was left heartbroken for him and his family. The 18-year-old Instagram star, who was also known as Fizzy, died on March 13, 2019, from an accidental overdose.

But does the “Walls” crooner have any other siblings, you ask? Yep, it turns out, the singer actually has four other sisters and a little brother! Who knew?!

But wait, what about the other One Direction members? Do they have any siblings? Are they older or younger? What are their relationships like? Have any of their brothers or sisters become famous themselves? What are their professions? Have they welcomed any kids? Not to worry, people, because we went ahead and made you a complete guide to the band’s family members! We mean, when you’re a fan of someone you have to know everything about them — including their brothers and sisters, right?!

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of One Direction’s siblings.

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