Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Fans are totally freaking out! During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Penn Badgley hinted at an upcoming third season of Netflix’s fan-favorite horror series, You.

Deep in conversation about his character Joe’s relationship with Victoria Pendetti‘s character, Love, the 33-year-old accidentally spilled that fans will get to see the real differences between male and female serial killers in the show’s next season. For those who missed it, at the end of season two it was revealed that Joe’s new, Los Angeles girlfriend was actually a murderer herself.

“She is theoretically a perfect match, because she wants to see somebody the way Joe wants to be seen, and vice versa,” he said about the characters. “They both want to be seen… actually you understand more and more, she has a mania there too. That once you understand why Love is the way she is, and who she actually is, you realize that there is no perfect match for Joe.”

Before he dropped the major bomb about season three, Penn said that in his mind Joe and Love are very similar, but also very different.

“She doesn’t appear to be the same kind of person, she doesn’t appear to be the same kind of predator. Dare I say, I think in the third season,” he started before quickly realizing what he just said. “Oh, God. I literally know nothing about the third season.”

When he was pressed for more details, Penn revealed that he can’t “officially” confirm anything just yet.

“I mean, technically I can’t…I mean, like, unofficially. But I’m not the person who can say anything official,” he said.

Penn Badgley Just Accidentally Confirmed That 'You' Season 3 Is In The Works, And We're Freaking Ou
Beth Dubber/Netflix

The Gossip Girl alum also went on to share his predictions of what will happen to Joe in the end.

“I think he deserves something better now, you know? Like I’m not sure that that’s possible,” he explained. “What does Joe need? Joe needs, ugh, Joe needs justice, but what does that mean? Does that mean prison? Does that mean death? I don’t know.”

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