The Fosters may be over, but Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Callie’s (Maia Mitchell) storylines are only just beginning! On Jan. 8, you can continue following their crazy lives when their spin-off, Good Trouble, premieres on Freeform! Read on for show secrets Cierra told J-14 exclusively.

J-14: When Good Trouble kicks off, what’s going on with Mariana and Callie?

Cierra Ramirez: The first episode takes place right after The Fosters’ finale, so both girls are moving to LA together where Mariana ends up getting a tech start-up job and Callie gets hired as a clerk for a federal judge.

J-14: What advice would you give your character to stand out in her workplace, considering that she’s one of the only girls in her office?

CR: I think she needs to own it and remember she is obviously doing something she loves, so just be patient and she will get to where she wants to be.

J-14: The girls’ first day in LA doesn’t go as planned. Can you relate to any of the harsh realities Mariana and Callie went through when you first came out to Hollywood?

CR: Yes, definitely! I used to come to LA in the summer for auditions, and when I would, it wasn’t glamorous. I remember my mom, sister and I would all sleep on one air mattress together. It takes a lot of sacrifices to make it out here, so shooting those scenes was really relatable for me.

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J-14: Since you and Maia have been playing sisters for so long on T.V., do you guys feel like actual family off-set, too?

CR: Yeah, we’re definitely sisters at this point. She’s kind of the Ying to my Yang. We have so many sleepovers that it’s like we’re roomies in real life, too. We’re constantly together.

J-14: What does the phrase “good trouble” mean to you?

CR: It’s a fun play on words about taking matters into your hands and kind of stirring up something in a positive way, which is exactly what the storylines in this series are about.

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Reporting credit: Morgan McMurrin

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