Say it isn’t so: Freeform’s groundbreaking television show The Fosters is officially ending. Deadline got the scoop that the show will conclude with a three-part series finale that will air in the summer of 2018. But there’s good news too: the network has decided to use these episodes to set up a spinoff series that will be set in the future starring Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez as we follow Callie and Mariana into their next chapters as they move to Los Angeles.

“Both of them will be faced with the challenges of working in a cultural divide all the while pursuing their dreams that have been laid into those characters throughout The Fosters,” said Freeform’s EVP programming and development Karey Burke. “It’s really about expanding the universe and continuing the legacy of The Fosters but in a different venue.” And what about the rest of the cast?

“We plan to have all characters from the original series make guest appearances,” Karey added. So rest assured, we’re sure you’ll see more of your fave TV family on this currently untitled new show once it gets underway. So far, Cierra as taken to Twitter to share with us a few emojis expressing her excitement for the new show.

The Fosters made waves for its diverse characters and groundbreaking storylines. That’s one of many reasons why fans are so attached to the show and would do anything to keep it from going off of the air. The first half of Season 5 ended in September 2017 with the final 10 episodes beginning to air on Jan. 9, 2018. Before this big announcement was made, passionate fans took it amongst themselves to prove to the network that they love the show. Fans tweeted #RenewTheFosters and listing reasons why it has to stay on. And it’s not just the fans who were getting it on it all. Cast members like Cierra joined in too, asking her fans to get #RenewTheFosters trending on Twitter just for fun. (Spoiler: it worked.)

Cierra’s character, Mariana, is constantly standing up for what’s right and refuses to be put in a box. Fans used her example to stand up for what they believe in – shows that represent all kinds of people.

Maia had retweeted several of the #RenewTheFosters tweets she’s tagged in too. Maia’s boyfriend, the YouTube star and musician Rudy Mancuso, also tweeted the hashtag. Sherri Saum, one of the moms on the show, posted her support on Instagram. She shared a photo from set saying: “#RenewTheFosters because im not leavin and that would be awkward.”

And now these girls are starring in a new show still playing the characters everyone has come to know and love. Get ready.

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