Aside from being one of the world’s biggest and most talented social media stars (and the boyfriend of The Fosters actress Maia Mitchell, of course), Rudy Mancuso has a lot going on. Not only did he recently join his buddy Justin Bieber on tour, but he is also in the beginning stages of creating his very own television show. And it the midst of it all, he manages to constantly crank out genius content for his 5.4 million Instagram followers. You know, casual.

J-14 caught up with the star, and we just had to know – with all that going on, would Rudy be down to star alongside his bae Maia in a third Teen Beach Movie? Turns out, he is all about it – that is, if Teen Beach 3 actually ever becomes a reality. Maia isn’t the only one he spilled about though. Rudy also let us in on what it’s really like being on tour with Bieber. Check out the video below to see it all go down.

It’s pretty obvious Rudy has expertise in so many forms of art – from music to comedy to acting to filmmaking. However, he has another particularly impressive talent that doesn’t come across on screen – smelling fresh AF. His secret? Axe.

“I stay fresh with their body spray. I stay dry with their dry spray,” Rudy exclusively told us. “I went to Brazil on tour, and it came with me.”

So did he teach Justin how to stay fresh all day with Axe as well?

“I can’t say that I have per se – but I mean, if you’re seeing me spray this stuff every day, you’re eventually going to be like, ‘This must be a good product!'”

You heard that Justin – get on it!

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