Teen Beach star Maia Mitchell is proving to the world that her relationship with boyfriend Rudy Mancuso is more solid than ever.

The couple was rumored to have broken up last March, but nothing was ever confirmed. Then, things got a bit confusing. Rudy posted a throwback photo with Maia on Instagram and shared a cover song that they did together, but they weren't seen out and about in public at all. Fans weren't sure if these two were just super friendly exes or they had decided to stop sharing as much of their relationship online as they used to.

For the last several months, they have been super low-key as well. Lots of people had assumed they had called it quits and kept everything under the radar. But, there's good news to share! These two are one hundred percent, definitely still dating. How do we know this? Welllll, today is Rudy's birthday and Maia dedicated an Instagram post to him.

She posted this photo on the gram with the caption, "Happy birthday, ya weirdo. Love you to the moon."

Aww! This is incredibly cute and shows that they are still committed to each other in the most romantic way possible. Maia and Rudy hadn't been seen together publicly on social media for over 13 weeks, so it's nice to catch them showing off their love once again. Now, the only thing left to wonder is how they will celebrate Rudy's special day.

We have a feeling they won't be sharing those details on social media, but it's always fun to imagine. Will she bake him a cake? Will she bring him flowers? Will they spend the day hanging alone or will they have a big party? So. Many. Questions. Whatever they do, they will probably do together and that just seriously warms the fans' hearts.

These two are #RELATIONSHIPGOALS, always.

Oh yeah, and how could we forget. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUDY!

Make sure to wish Rudy a 'happy birthday' in the comments below!

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