Elliot Fletcher took to Twitter yesterday to clear up a pretty big difference in opinion between the actor and his character, Aaron Baker. On the most recent episode of The Fosters "Welcome to the Jungler," Aaron discusses his unwavering support of free speech. But this outlook is the very antithesis of what his girlfriend Callie Foster (played by Maia Mitchell) believes, and what Elliot actually supports IRL.

In the episode, Callie’s involvement with campus protests are causing major tension with her BF Aaron. He tries to remain open-minded and even joins Callie at a meeting to block a racist speaker from talking to the student body, but he doesn’t agree with her approach to the cause. When Sean and Ximena ask why he's OK with hate speech, he explains that he’s not — he’s for free speech. Aaron thinks that to resolve problems, both sides should express their own opinions and then have a conversation about where they disagree. Sean and Ximena call out Aaron on his white male privilege, and Callie is shocked by her boyfriend's beliefs.

Over the weekend, white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups gathered to protest Charlottesville, Virginia’s plan to remove a Confederate statue. Things got bad between the white nationalists and the counter-protesters. Later that day, someone drove into a group of counter-protesters, killing one person and injuring many others.

In light of current events, Elliot wanted to clarify that he is not his character. The actor does not think hate speech should be protected by our country’s freedom of speech, so he posted a comparison of Aaron's beliefs and his own thinkings.

In his tweet, Elliot states, “I will never stand by people who are racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ableist, or nazis/white supremacists.” He goes on to highlight that it is his “duty as an extremely privileged person to get involved.”

Elliot encourages his Twitter followers to get involved and speak up for what you believe in, and we couldn't agree more!

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