Before she was one of the biggest pop stars in the world, everyone knows that Demi Lovato got her start singing and dancing alongside a big purple dinosaur on Barney & Friends. It was there that she met Selena Gomez, and years later the two would go on to take over the Disney Channel together in their own shows and even star in several DCOMs. Sadly, the two have drifted over the last few years, but they clearly have nothing but love for each other and the show that gave them their start.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer dished on those Barney days, and turns out it was about much more than being able to teach viewers a lesson. She explained, “I was more comfortable around adults there than I was with kids my own age when I went to public school. I got made fun of a lot because I had been on Barney. I look back and I think it was mainly jealousy from kids that wanted to sing and act on TV. I actually learned so much in my time being home-schooled that I was able to teach my math class things.”

So not only was Demi able to learn about being an actor, but she also walked away with skills she was able to teach her classmates. Talk about being ahead of the class. With that memorable part, and her unforgettable turn as Mitchie in Camp Rock, it’s only natural to want to know – which does she prefer? “Definitely Camp Rock. There's at least some sort of substance. Barney was fun, but the songs and the dancing – it was just too much,” she explained.

camp rock dancing

There you have it. Camp Rock will forever live on, and with Demi admitting in the past that she and the boys – Nick and Joe Jonas would be down to do a third film, we could all be returning to camp in the future. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later, cause it would be absolutely epic and iconic as the first two films were.

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