Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez‘s friendship has been one giant whirlwind. Seriously, if you’re a fan of the duo (and really who isn’t??) then you’ve most likely been keeping tabs on their on-and-off again relationship. They met as little ones on the set of Barney & Friends and conquered Disney Chanel together, each starring in their own shows and in a DCOM together, Princess Protection Program. They have since taken the music world by storm and have had their fair share of high-profile romances. And while there have been some rough patches when they weren’t on good terms, lately all seem to be well in the Delena universe.

In fact, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer just proved Selena is and always will be someone she considers a friend, despite how they’ve just naturally grown apart over the years. And it’s all thanks to Sel’s forehead. Yes, we’re being serious. So when Demi was doing some recent promo at radio stations, she was asked to play a game called Famous Foreheads where you guessed it, she was shown photos of celebrities’ foreheads and she had to identify who the person was. In the clip, Demi only gets three right: Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande and Selena. Watch it for yourself:

Now, the importance of this actually really hilarious video is that it’s a known fact Demi is good friends with both Iggy and Ari. So she right away guessed her friends’ foreheads. She knew Selena’s too which is our eyes, confirms she thinks of the “Fetish” songstress as her friend, forever and always.

selena and demi hug

Demi thought it was “crazy” she knew the foreheads, but c’mon girl, they’re your pals so of course you’re going to spot the tops of their faces. Can always count of Demo to make us proud.

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