Once upon a time, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus were the reigning queens of Disney Channel, with hit shows and catchy af songs no one could get out of their heads. One of Miley's classic jams, "Party In the USA" has reached legendary status and during the Fourth of July, it's safe to assume there are plenty of people in America belting out the lyrics to this song. (C'mon, you know you love it.)

miley cyrus party in the usa

And it looks like Sel herself is a huge fan of this song, just like the rest of us. The starlet took to Snapchat with one of her besties during the holiday to let everyone know she was jamming out to it, while rocking an adorable Snapchat filter of course.

Can you even handle the cuteness? Sel and Miley do go way back, since Selena had a re-occurring role on Hannah Montana as the one and only Mikayla, Hannah's arch-nemesis. IRL, they always seemed friendly enough and got along pretty well.

miley and selena on hannah montana

At least during their early Disney Channel days that is. Since then though, these two have had a bit of a history when it comes to feuding. Miley dated Nick Jonas when they were both on the network, back in 2006 for two years but after they split, Nick started dating Selena. And plus there was that time Miley and her BFF Mandy made a parody video on their YouTube channel, The Miley and Mandy Show, essentially mocking a video Selena and Demi Lovato made together. Let us relive it:

That was a TIME, that's for sure. While we're taking this trip down memory lane, let us recall when Miley threw a cardboard cutout of Selena's face off stage during one of her concerts. So there's for sure some tension between the girls, or there was. Selena went on to say in 2016 that the girls' "feud" wasn't anything serious and she's actually a fan of Miley's music, although she's unsure Miley would say the same thing about her.

Well, the "Bad Liar" singer is really proving she's put all the drama in the past, so we can only hope Miley feels the same way. These two being friendly again is what we all need.

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