We know what you’re thinking: How do Jake and Logan Paul keep landing gigs after all of the controversial stuff they’ve been doing on YouTube for years? Well, we’re not so sure. What we are sure of, however, is that the famous vloggers will star in a movie with a bunch of other YouTube stars you’ll most definitely recognize.

That’s right, fam! The trailer for a movie called Airplane Mode just dropped, and we are SHOOK. Not only will the movie star Jake and Logan, but it will also feature internet personalities including, but not limited to Casey NeistatAmanda CernyArielle Vandenberg and vine star King Bach.

So, what’s it going to be about? Basically, the movie takes place while en route to a social media convention in Australia, which explains why so many of today’s most popular YouTubers are going to be a part of it. Unfortunately, the plane ride quickly turns into an absolute disaster. Why? Well, it’s all because the passengers refuse to — wait for it — put their phones on airplane mode. LOL.

While we have to admit that the premise of the flick seems pretty funny, it’s kind of surprising that the Paul Brothers are still being tapped for projects — especially since they’ve gotten such bad press over the last several years. After filming a victim of suicide in a forest in Japan, lighting things on fire and saying extremely offensive things, we would think that there would’ve been some consequences. Instead, though, 2019 might be Logan’s biggest year yet.

Along with the movie, the eldest Paul brother has a bunch of things lined up for this year, including an animated series, a TV show and new music. He also has his podcast and his YouTube channel, which is still successful… somehow.

Jake also hasn’t steered clear of controversy lately, despite saying that he would tone it down in Shane Dawson‘s documentary. Since the docuseries aired, he’s come under fire for encouraging kids to try a gambling scam and for walking across a busy intersection blindfolded.

Like you, we’re confused AF about how these brothers continue to stay relevant, but we’d be totally lying if we said we weren’t the slightest bit interested in the upcoming movie. We mean, influencers throwing a fit about having to give up social media during a plane ride across the world? Sounds pretty accurate to us!

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