It's no secret that Jake Paul and Alissa Violet had a huge falling out which ultimately led her to move out of the Team 10 house and cut off all ties with the group. If fans remember correctly Alissa actually made an entire video exposing Jake and accusing him of cheating on her, playing games with her heart and making it seem like their relationship was very serious until he would openly flirt with other girls in front of her. The whole thing seemed super toxic and now literally months after the scandal, Jake is the one exposing Alissa. He is actually accusing her of hooking up with his brother, Logan Paul.

As we previously reported, Jake and The Martinez Twins are parting ways after the Spanish based brothers claimed that they were bullied in the Team 10 house and were scared to go to sleep at night for the eight months that they lived in there. This is a completely different tone than we've heard from them in the past. This is actually the first time that they publicly spoke about how awful they were treated. Jake isn't having it, either.

In a now deleted tweet, he seemingly responds to the accusations and drags Alissa into it. A Martinez Twins account tweeted, "This is like Alissa ALL over again ?." He hit back and said, "Yeah… and this time Im not being silent… Alissa f-cked my brother… that's why i kicked her out…oopsie I just told them the truth…. Im done being the "bad guy"

Martinez and Alissa backstabbed me.."


Yikes. If this was true it would be absolutely bonkers so the tweet is going viral and Alissa got her hands on it. She responded and seemed totally confused. She wrote, "Wait what hahahaha." Logan has yet to make a comment on the accusations but we have a feeling he's not too happy about them regardless of whether or not they are true.


But, we have to take a step back for a minute and think about all of this. First of all, it seems like a pretty random thing for Jake to say if it wasn't real. The Alissa era in his life is over and in the past. He has moved on in so many ways. To just bring this back up again and fabricate the entire thing over what the Martinez Twins are doing makes no sense. We have a feeling there has to be some sort of credibility to it all. Not only that but Jake and Logan did have a huge feud going on at the same time as the Alissa drama unfolded.

Logan actually used Alissa in a revenge video against Jake. The song was called, "The Second Verse" and Logan explained, "He goes and puts up this disgusting billboard of me, humiliating me, for everyone driving down Melrose to see." Logan raps on the track, "Used to be your chick, now she's in the Logang." If that wasn't enough, Logan and Alissa actually go in for a kiss at the end of the video but it cuts out before we see whether they do or not.

There were reports back when this all happened that Alissa would actually sneak out of the Team 10 house and head on over to Logan's place without Jake knowing. It was when he caught her that he released her from Team 10. That report would line up with Jake's tweet, however, Alissa was amused by Jake's claims and laughed them off as fake news. On the other hand, she could just want to protect her reputation considering she was the first one to call out Jake and his cheating ways. If fans found out she was doing the same thing, then things would get pretty out of control. We're just waiting for Logan's comment on the drama.

Oh yeah and one more thing. Jake, Logan, and Alissa have known each other for years – even before making it big in La La Land. Jake used to refer to Alissa as a sister. He even put up an Instagram post with the three of them back in 2015 with the caption, "You could be our sister lol @alissa_violet." So, if Logan and Alissa have hooked up then this is all just weird AF. But we're dealing with Internet's biggest names here and we probably won't get the whole truth anytime soon.

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You could be our sister lol @alissa_violet

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