Once upon a time Jake Paul and Alissa Violet were dubbed Jalissa, the power couple of the social media squad Team 10. Or so it seemed. See, fans shipped the pair and with their seemingly happy, super cute pictures on Instagram, tons of YouTube videos they filmed together, and along with the fact that they never flat out confirmed or denied if they were a couple, it’s no wonder fans totally bought into it all. But then, things got messy and many versions of the truth started to unravel. There have been cheating and both physical and emotional abuse allegations, along with the constant dragging of each other and their new significant others on social media. It’s been a rough ride for Jake and Alissa. And now, with the release of Shane Dawson’s docuseries The Mind of Jake Paul that takes an in-depth look at Jake’s life and career, the 21-year-old web star and his former leading lady opened up to Shane about all the drama they’ve had over the years.

“I didn’t expose anyone, I just told my truth about anything Shane asked me about different people or situations. I didn’t want to expose anyone, I didn’t want to cause any more drama than what was already out there so I kind of just told my side of the story,” Jake said. “[The Jalissa drama], that will be in the later part of the series. That’s definitely the part I’m most nervous about.”

And now that we’ve heard from both sides, we just had to break it all down to the facts we have from Jalissa themselves. So sit back, grab some popcorn and relax, as we take you along for the timeline of the Jake and Alissa saga.

Jake meets Alissa and recruits her into Team 10.

According to a candid video Alissa uploaded, she met Jake the day before she graduated high school back in Ohio when she was 18 years old. She was in the mall shopping and Jake and his brother Logan happened to be there doing a meet-up with fans since the brothers are from Ohio too. This was the first time she met Jake and they exchanged phone numbers. From then one, they talked constantly and got to know each other. Jake had since moved to Los Angeles with Logan but anytime he came home to Ohio, he would see Alissa and he was the one who told her to hop on a plane and get to LA for two weeks since she always wanted to be a model and actress. She met with modeling agencies during this trip and during this time, she said she and Jake were happy and she had the best time staying with him and Logan. After she went back home, she decided she was going to move full-time so in the summer of 2015, she packed up and headed to LA. From then on, Alissa and Jake were on and off dating and that was when they were making content together and she signed a contract to join his Team 10.

“I was head over heels for this kid, I would do anything for him. That’s why I signed a contract for five years. I believed in him and he believed in me,” she said.

The cheating rumors begin.

To the outside world, everything seemed fine and dandy for Jalissa but then February of 2016 hit and everything went cray. Alissa took to her Snapchat to share videos of her stuff packed up from the Team 10 house, saying Jake had kicked her out. She shared a goodbye photo on Instagram too, that has since been deleted.

Jake then responded on Twitter and accused Alissa of cheating on him, which is why he told her to move out in a series of now-deleted messages. “Predicted this is what she’d do. Jalissa WAS real. The problem is she cheated on me. I am the victim, not her,” Jake wrote on Twitter.


jake paul deleted tweet 1





jake paul deleted tweet 2


Alissa then sent out her own messages on Twitter, claiming that Jake was the one who constantly cheated on her, right in front of her, and she really never could do anything about it.









Alissa was essentially saying Jake was lying and he made it seem like she was lying. Awks.



So yes, it was clear they both felt they were not treated fairly in their clearly unhealthy relationship. Plus, Jake later said that Alissa actually hooked up with Logan, which was the ultimate betrayal that led to him kicking Alissa out of the Team 10 house. Nick Crompton later confirmed in Shane’s, The Mind of Jake Paul, that Alissa and Logan did hook up and it wasn’t something planned or fake. It was very much real and did hurt Jake. Yikes.

The diss tracks.

Jake and his Team 10 squad decided to introduce us all to “It’s Everyday Bro,” the diss track heard around the world. OK, that might be a bit dramatic, but the song got plenty of people’s attention, especially a few lines from Jake and member Tessa Brooks’ verse. Jake raps,”“And you know I kick them out if they ain’t with the crew/Yeah, I’m talking about you, you beggin’ for attention talking s–t on Twitter, too/But you still hit my phone last night, it was 4:52, and I got the text to prove/And all the recordings, too… don’t make me tell the truth.” These lyrics were clearly directed at Alissa and she says she did try to reach out to him to try and smooth things over, hence why he had text messages from her.

Tessa and Alissa used to be friends, but their friendship ended when all of this Jalissa drama went down. In the song, Tessa raps “Panera is your home?/So, stop calling my phone,” and Alissa worked in a Panera Bread restaurant when she was in high school.

Alissa obviously didn’t take this lightly and along with her friend RiceGum, they made a song called “It’s Everynight Sis”, where she and RiceGum call out Jake for being a bully, his supposed cheating scandals and that no one watches the Disney Channel show he was still on at the time, Bizzardvark. The songs just resulted in more tension between Alissa and her former web crew of friends.

Alissa uploads a video sharing her side.

Now we are in June of 2017 when Alissa felt it was the time to share her truth, vlog style. In the video, Alissa opens up about how she and Jake first met (which we’ve already discussed) and then she explains how once she officially moved into his house in 2015, she was often subjected to having to deal with the fact that while Jake would treat her like his girlfriend, he would bring over different girls all the time that he would be hooking up with. Alissa said she would have to meet these girls, and act like everything was fine when in her mind, they were a couple since that’s how Jake would make her feel. She said he played extreme mind games with her and since she didn’t have anywhere else to go and he was the driving force behind her career, she stayed and put up with it all.

“He told me he loved me one night and then a couple days later he flew out this girl from Ohio…and was [hooking up with] her for like a week,” she explained. “He knew exactly what he was doing to me. He would play all these mind games. He would literally tell me he loved me one day, then tell me he hates my f–king guts the next day. […] I was literally insane. I couldn’t even think straight. I would go upstairs to my bathroom or bedroom and just cry myself to sleep night after night. Now, looking back at this whole situation, I really don’t know if I loved him. I don’t know how I could love a person that treats someone like that. I don’t know if I was in love with him, or the idea of him, or who I thought he was. I think I was just addicted to the pain of wanting someone so unattainable. I just loved getting hurt by him — that’s how much I cared about him. It was just not a good situation.”

Alissa goes to say that the one time she “decided to be savage like him,” which we’re assuming means she had a guy come to the house, since she earlier in the vid says he wouldn’t allow her to have any guys over, that was when he kicked her out of the house. This resulted in Alissa not having anywhere to live and she says she lost all her friends since they all sided with Jake. Although she tried to reach out to Jake to settle things, she said he iced her out and that she was hurt that he said she cheated on him when in reality, Alissa says Jake would always make it clear that Alissa wasn’t even his girlfriend.


Jake and Alissa enter new relationships.

In the midst of all of this back and forth, Jake started to date someone new: Erika Costell. Yes, she is in Team 10 and like he did with Alissa, Jake and Erika live together in the Team 10 house and they film tons of content together.


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So is it another showmance? Yes, it is, which Jake confirmed. Alissa did say in her video, which she put out in the beginning of June, that she was still not over this whole situation and even hearing Jake’s name still hurt. But by the end of that month, she had found someone new and officially moved on. Alissa is currently dating another web star, FaZe Banks


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We're cute, right? @banks

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The two seem really happy together and it looked like Jalissa drama would be over. But oh boy it was only getting more intense.

Alissa joins in on the #JakePaulIsOverParty.

Jake once again found himself in hot water when in one of his vlogs he made racist comments to a fan. Twitter was soon flooded with the trending tops of #JakePaulIsOver and Aliisa just had to chime in with one tweet directed at her ex.



That GIF says it ALL about how she really feels.

More allegations emerge from both parties.

OK, now this is where things can even more complex. Jake shared a serious video on his YouTube channel, saying that his assistant Megan was assaulted in a club the night before and the person she identified as the man who struck her was Faze, Alissa’s boyfriend. As you can imagine, Alissa and FaZe did not react well to this, since they are claiming this never happened.





In a video FaZe uploaded to his channel, he went into detail about the events that went down in the club and has had multiple friends appear in videos backing up his claims that he’s innocent. He is in the process of attempting to access the security footage from the club so he can prove he didn’t hurt Megan. Although Alissa wasn’t out that night with her boyfriend, she maintains his innocence and in the video, she opened up about the physical abuse she said she suffered from when she dated Jake.

“Honestly, he did assault me a few times. If we never agreed on something or something would happen, he would spit on my face and this happened multiple times. About two years ago in Arizona, me, Jake, Neels [Visser] and Alex Lange, we were filming a video and he had a part where he had to shove me into like this bush [with] thorns. So he pushed me way too hard and shoved me all the way in the bush. This scar [on my arm] were from thorns and my entire arm was bleeding, he was laughing the whole time, I was crying. Another time, he took my phone and threw it at the wall, We got into a fight, I ran upstairs and he dragged me down the stairs,” Alissa said.

Alissa said she met up with other girls who had dated Jake in the past who said they had similar issues with him too.

“The second all that [drama] Jake blew up with Jake and I, a bunch of his girlfriends at the time took my side and they were all texting me. There’s like two or three girls we all sat down and had a conversation and they said, ‘Jake assaulted me too, he would push me down on the ground, he spit on them too, he’s just very aggressive.’ He would never actually knock somebody out, but the way that he play fights…like I’ve had the wind knocked out of me so many times,” Alissa shared.

Since this incident went down, FaZe and Jake agreed to meet up in person to talk things out, and they did. But another layer was added when  Jake made a video going off on RiceGum, who had previously made fun of Team 10 and their new house, and made comments about Tessa Brooks and Nick’s weight, which is so not okay. Jake wasn’t happy with this bullying, so he attacked back at RiceGum, which then led to Alissa tweeting about this mess too and sticking up for her CloutGang pal.

“Oh honey.. you’re the biggest hypocrite. Talk sh-t about my friends and speak highly of yourself when you’ve done the absolute worst of the,” she wrote.


tweet 2


She continued, “worst. I usually just do my own thing and keep to myself but when you involve my friends, you’re done. Storms coming, be prepared.”


Then, in a now-deleted tweet, Jake did apparently confirm that Alissa and Logan hooked up, which is what led him to kick her out of the Team 10 house, something Alissa then laughed at, implying that this confession could be false.







Jake admits he did love Alissa.

While the YouTuber stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, he was asked about how he coped with finding out that his brother Logan had hooked with Alissa. He said

“It was a hard thing for me to deal with it, but I just had to be the bigger person. I can’t let some random girl I brought into my life, gave her a career, gave her everything — it was a hard thing for me to do,” Jake said. He was then asked by host Charlamagne Tha God if he loved her, and Jake simply nods with a rather sad look on his face.


jake paul sad

Alissa says she was never Jake’s girlfriend.

In, The Mind of Jake Paul, Shane sat down with Alissa and got her side of the Jalissa story. And in the sit-down, she revealed that as much as everyone likes to believe she and Jake were a couple, they weren’t. They never officially were an item, although they were friends, did hook up, worked, and lived together.

“We never officially dated, ever. Which there are so many things out there like Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend and I’m always the ex. It was just hooking up and I’ve chased him for so long and I wanted him to be my boyfriend,” Alissa said to Shane. “I was just so confused and confronted him every day like, ‘what are we? This hurts so bad’ and he was always just brushing it off. We never really established what we were. We were together, but we weren’t.”

She claims that once Jake saw how well his videos did with her in them, that’s when the idea to really hype up the concept of “Jalissa” came to be, but she was often left confused over the status of their relationship. They were friends, but they were something more, although never officially “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”

“I tried for so long to change him, to make him a better person. He just never wanted to change. I tried for so long,” she said. “That’s why I’m so annoyed in all his videos because I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. I don’t know if we’re together and I try to talk to him about it and he brushes it off and two minutes later, he’s like ‘hey I need you for a video.’ I never knew what we were, ever.”

She also admitted that she did hook up with Logan to get back at Jake, and it’s something she regrets.

Jake shares his side of the story for the first time.

And then, it was Jake’s turn to speak to Shane, where he admitted that he never wanted to really speak about the drama with Alissa because he was really hurt by it all. Ultimately, Jalissa was not a healthy relationship.

“A lot of reason why I didn’t talk about the situation is to defend my brother and that’s why,” Jake said. “Alissa and I always really liked each other. We were always like dating, not really. It was a rocky relationship. I wasn’t — at the time — mature enough to know how to be a boyfriend. We would get into arguments and be fighting and go through ups and downs. Basically, I did a bunch of things that pissed her off and she wanted to get revenge, I guess is the word. It was just me not knowing how to treat her. It was just a bad situation, we just drove each other mad.”

He then confirmed that Alissa hooking up with Logan was the turning point.

“I remember when I confronted her about [Logan], her justification was that, ‘you made me do this.’ And I think it’s because then we were on and off for year and half, I would go off and be with other girls and she would go and be with other guys. [Logan] basically said, ‘oh I didn’t think you guys were actually a thing and that you were actually dating.'”

Jake said that the two people who were closest to him hurt him the most, which led to him having trust issues with everyone in his life. It was his current girlfriend Erika Costell who helped him learn to love and trust again.

“I have a lot of trust issues from it, I don’t trust anybody. Erika had to teach me how to love and how trust again because I just didn’t want to,” Jake said. “She was the closest person to me and I was like if she could screw me over as much as Alissa and Logan did… so Erika had to come into my life and teach me how to love and trust again. It’s been a lot to deal with.”

And with that, it seems like Jalissa is finally over.

Both Jake and Alissa said they have no desire to ever talk about their past together again. Physical, emotional, and mental abuse are all very serious issues no one should ever have to deal with from anyone, especially a person you love or trust, so the fact that a lot of the drama surrounding Jake and Alissa’s relationship stems from there is unhealthy and scary. Let’s hope this narrative is truly over, once and for all.

If you or someone you know might be in an unhealthy relationship, please call 1-866-331-9474, text: loveis to 22522 or visit loveisrespect.org.

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