Fellow YouTuber Frederic Chen — known to fans as ThatMidgetAsian — recently accused Jake Paul of taking credit for his Black Lives Matter fundraiser. The 18-year-old creator took to TikTok and made a video, which seemingly showed a since-deleted tweet from the former Team 10 founder’s Twitter account where he seemingly took “all the credit for” the thousands of dollars Frederic had raised.

For those who missed it, before he was charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly days after a video of him allegedly looting at a mall in Arizona during the George Floyd protests went viral, Jake spoke out about the entire situation in a tell-all video. He also linked Frederic’s fundraiser — which seemingly had already raised over $32,000 for Black Lives Matter — to the recent upload. Then, as the donations poured in, the social media star took to Twitter and responded to a fan who wrote, “Jake has raised $32,000 in 20 minutes, I’m so proud of you @jakepaul,” in a since-deleted post.

Jake quote-tweeted the message and added, “With y’alls help.”

After seeing this, Frederic made the TikTok video calling him out and accusing him of taking the credit for his fundraiser. He also clarified the TikTok in a series of tweets.

“For anyone who is still confused about this, we all know the exposure of the fundraiser is good, no matter what. But I’d rather not let Jake Paul once again, manipulate his audience into thinking he genuinely cares about social change,” Frederic wrote. He then added, “Don’t forget this boy denied his looting allegations in that SAME video, and then got arrested for looting a day later.”

The influencer concluded, “My sincere apologies… he was charged, not arrested. LIKE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO MY POINT.”

As fans know, Jake came under fire after videos posted on Sunday, May 31 by his videographer, Andrew Blue, showed Jake watching as people around him destroyed property and stole things. Although the 23-year-old was not seen participating during the clips, fans were not happy about him being there in the first place. Days later, on June 4, Jake was charged with “criminal trespass and unlawful assembly,” both of which are misdemeanor charges, according to reports. After his charges went public, the social media influencer took to Twitter and wrote, “Gimme my charges and let’s put the focus back on George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.”

Jake has yet to publicly address Frederic’s accusations.

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