The first-ever content house! Jake Paul created Team 10 in 2016 and launched the careers of multiple internet stars through their daily vlogs living in a giant Los Angeles mansion. Just like the other content houses out there, members stayed in the squad for a while before moving on. But what are all the former Team 10 influencers up to now? Keep reading for all the details. 

What Is Team 10?

More or less, it was a group of YouTubers who lived together and created videos.

“Our business model has always been helping young influencers reach their potential,” Jake told Insider of Team 10 during a January 2020 interview. “It’s just changed so much with the evolution of social media.”

Following its initial launch, the content house saw an influx of influencers trying to become members. However, the turnover rate of members was pretty quick. Even Jake stopped being able to focus on the community he created.

“It’s more difficult as my career becomes bigger,” the Disney Channel alum explained. “I’m not able to focus on it as much.”

Jake added, “The hard part is, I’m the special secret sauce to the business being successful. There’s only a couple influencers, counting on one hand, who can actually create huge business and revenue models.”

What Happened to the Members of Team 10?

Several YouTube personalities made their way into the crew and publicly made their way out over the years. At the time, Jake didn’t take too kindly to those who left.

“I’d say anyone who’s left has just used us. I don’t think they realize they use us, but when these people come into Team 10, I give them everything,” the social media star said during his The Mind of Jake Paul doc series. “Managers, agents, house, food, money, fame, camera men, editors, brand deals, everything I give it to them. Then, they forget where they came from after a couple of months and they’re like, ‘I can do this on my own, why is Team 10 taking a percentage of my earnings? I want to do something else.'”

Does Team 10 Still Exist?

While the Instagram account still boasts millions of followers, all the posts have since been cleared. In a June 2020 vlog, Jake revealed that he was “looking for new roommates” in the Team 10 house. However, it seems the group has disbanded.

Scroll through our gallery to see what the original Team 10 members are doing now. 

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