Let’s dab on them haters, shall we? Team 10 is a business, if you will, started by none other than Jake Paul. Since its inception, there have been several YouTube and Internet personalities who have made their way into the crew and publicly made their way out. What Team 10 does best is make video blogs about their everyday lives and incorporate some modern day Jacka– type of stunts into them. The squad lives together, collaborates together, and gains millions of followers together on their inevitable rise to stardom.

While Team 10 may seem like the ultimate friend group to be part of if you want to get famous fast, there are some downsides to it all, which is why some of the members have left and gone on to do other things. Of course, with anyone leaving a squad, there’s going to be drama.

Once you’re out, you’re really out. Jake clearly takes it personally when a member of the team decides to leave.

“I’d say anyone who’s left has just used us. I don’t think they realize they use us, but when these people come into Team 10, I give them everything,” Jake said during Shane Dawson’s docuseries, The Mind of Jake Paul. “Managers, agents, house, food, money, fame, camera men, editors, brand deals, everything I give it to them. Then, they forget where they came from after a couple of months and they’re like, ‘I can do this on my own, why is Team 10 taking a precentage of my earnings? I want to do something else.'”

We’ve searched around on their official site, their Instagram pages, their Twitter accounts, and their YouTube channels to figure out who’s exactly in and who’s exactly out at the moment. 

We also reached out to the group on their official Team 10 website for comment and they have yet to respond. So, who is part of the coveted squad right now? We’ve got Jake, of course, Anthony Trujillo, Chad Tepper, Erika Costell, Justin Roberts, and even 6-year-old Ben Hampton. 

Who is Ben Hampton?

Ben is a 6-year-old boy who joined the Team 10 squad. His dad, social media guru Brenden Hampton, runs his account. But, Ben is really into the online community as well. Not only does he have more than 700,000 followers on Instagram as a first grader, but he also has a YouTube channel where he has done a prank and taste test challenge. It’s no doubt that his followers and fans will skyrocket now that he is part of Team 10. It’s important to note that Ben lives three hours outside of Los Angeles so he won’t be hanging around people that are three times his age all of the time. But, this new partnership is going to really change the dynamic of Team 10 for sure and we can’t wait to see what kind of content Ben has up his sleeve.

Now, we want still to know who is out and why they decided to escape Team 10. Have they done it successfully or were they better off staying connected to the cyber squad? We’ve got all the answers!

Why did Nick Crompton leave Team 10?

According to Nick as he revealed in Shane Dawson’s docuseries about Jake, he thought of his time in the house as a pleasant one.

“I guess Team 10 was like my college experience, or the closest thing I’m going to get to it because I didn’t go. It was a bunch of people living together, just having fun, but we wer making money at the same time and it was a business,” he said. In May of 2018 though, Nick surprised fans by writing an open letter explaining that he was departing Team 10 and would no longer be the COO.

“Due to internal changes being made within our various businesses that I don’t agree with, I have resigned both as chief operations officer and as talent. I still love my Team 10 family but the vision for the business, people involved, and direction it’s now going in, no longer makes sense to me,” he wrote. In the docuseries, Nick explained that once Jake’s dad Greg Paul got involved in the business, he knew it was time for him to leave since he didn’t really get along with Papa Paul.

“For me, things starting geting different when Greg Paul got involved. I don’t know how to explain that man, but he forced his way in. In the beginning, he tried to get involved and I talked to Jake and he would come out and it didn’t work out and he rubbed everyone the wrong way, and then he would go back to Ohio. And it was like a cycle. He came out again when we moved into the new house and managed to get some kind of authority and start making decisions and everything just started not being what it was supposed to be. And I didn’t like it so I left. It was a constant fight between me and Greg,” Nick explained to Shane. “I knew when I told [Jake] I wanted to leave, he would want me to leave right then. He does take things very personally and I think with someone like me leaving might have hit more than it has before. I tried to do it in the best way possible, but it was very abrupt with me and he asked me to leave, so I left. I’ve texted him a few times about certain things, but still have not heard anything back.”

Why did Chance Sutton leave Team 10?

Chance has been a longtime friend of Jake’s, so his departure also in May of 2018 was another shocker. He took to YouTube to share his side of the story, insisting there wasn’t any drama behind his reason to depart the squad. He never really had any intention of ever becoming a vlogger and wants to focus on his true passion: video games.

“Why I left Team 10 was because I wanted to focus on myself more. I have my own goals and visions that don’t line up everyone’s, and I wanted to do something on my own. There was honestly no crazy fight, no internal drama between anyone. Those are my friends for years and it wasn’t an easy decision,” Chance said. “I sat them down — my friends — and I explained to them why I’m doing what I’m doing and obviously, it wasn’t a great experience, but there are no hard feelings, no one is mad at each other. They understood and I’m really glad the way that all worked out.”

Why did Tessa Brooks leave Team 10?

In a vlog, she posted on New Year’s titled, “I Have Something To Tell You,” the YouTuber gave very little detail about why she decided to get out of the group but confirmed the fact that she was indeed dunzo with Jake and his gang. She said, “I just want to let you guys know that I am no longer in Team 10. I will definitely explain more in a later video but for now, it’s New Year’s, I don’t want to get into all of that.” Could there have been a falling out? Could she have left peacefully on her own terms? Both are possible. 

A little over a week later though, Tessa divulged the details in a new video titled, “Explaining Why I Left Team 10.” She said, “It’s a really bittersweet thing for me, because I am thinking of what it once was for me. It’s a really sucky thing, it is what it is. You have to know when to let go…We’ve grown apart and we’re heading in different directions, and that’s totally OK. It’s not something that is right for me anymore. We just disagree on a lot of things. Things just aren’t how they used to be.”

She continued to talk about how her decision to not move into the new Team 10 house made things difficult and it seems like that ultimately created a rift between her and the group. However, she made it clear that she wants nothing but the best for Jake and the rest of the crew. But, there are details that she isn’t going to share with the world surrounding her departure, which makes it seem like there was more drama than she is letting on. Tessa said, “There are things that are personal and that I don’t need to be put out there” and she didn’t want to “air anybody’s dirty laundry.”

Why did Tristan Tales leave Team 10?

Tristan, like Tessa, kept his reasoning for leaving the group pretty vague. But, he did make the announcement on New Year’s day and promises to explain more soon enough. So, hi, Tristan, we’re still waiting over here. He said, “2018 is about to be a ridiculous year. I’m so excited but you can’t start a new chapter unless you turn the page. Going into this new year, I will no longer be a part of Team 10. This was a really difficult decision for me to make but it was the best decision for myself and Team 10. I don’t want to get into too much detail about it right now but I promise I will explain everything in my next video.”

Why did Alissa Violet leave Team 10?

Lots of drama went down when Alissa kicked her Team 10 family to the curb. While bits and pieces of the story have made their way onto the Internet, we know the big parts. First of all, she completely ended her relationship with Tessa. Alissa cropped Tessa out of a photo and captioned it, “I am the facetune queen.”

alissa violet

Everyone thought she was throwing shade at Tessa, obviously, I mean she legit cut her out of a photo. But, then she really through in the hammer and replied to Erika Costell’s tweet which read, “I will never understand why ppl use their influence on social media for anything other than positivity ?.”

Alissa responded with, “I mean if u had a group of ppl u thought would be there for u through everything, stab u in the back- u’d probably have a different opinion.”

It was after all of this that Alissa packed her bags, moved out of the Team 10 house and exposed Jake for being emotionally abusive toward her. If fans remember correctly, Jake and Alissa were supposedly dating. But, she outed him saying that he played games with her heart, brought other girls home but would then say he loved her. UGH, BOYS. So, Alissa did the right thing and got out. But there are always many sides to any story and Jake then accused Alissa of hooking up with his brother Logan as the real reason why he kicked her out of Team 10, with Nick confirming this hookup did happen.

But now, she’s thriving, has a new boyfriend, and is still making videos.

Why did Alex Lange leave Team 10?

Alex left the squad to simply carve his own path and pursue his dream of acting. He assured fans on social media that there was no drama or gossip behind his departure, and he might even work on some projects with members of Team 10 in the future.

Why did the Martinez Twins leave Team 10?

Emilio and Ivan initially headed back home to Spain for a bit, even posting a video on their YouTube channel saying they were going to see their family and made it clear that they would never actually leave Team 10. They said that when they return to the United States they will be in a new house and still part of Team 10.

But now that the guys are back in LA, they since took to YouTube to explain they quit Team 10 after dealing with constant bullying.

“Imagine you go somewhere where no one talks Spanish or your language and you see people in the house laughing and you don’t even know what they’re talking about. Then, you find out they were talking bull-s—t about you and laughing at you every single day. We were really upset. We used to love you Jake and loved Team 10, but not anymore,” the Twins explained. “I went to sleep scared. Eight months in one house going to sleep scared,” Ivan added. Jake has since denied these claims, saying no one Team 10 knew the Twins were feeling this way, blaming their new manager for causing this major rift.

Why did Max Beaumont leave Team 10?

The FaZe Banks and Jake Paul drama continues as word gets out that Max is done with Team 10. In a new video, FaZe actually interviews Max. It’s important to note that Max actually ditched Team 10 because he wanted to reveal his side of the story about what went down at the club the night that FaZe was accused of assaulting Jake’s assistant Meg Zelly. At first, FaZe said that Max was feeding him drinks all night and could have possibly drugged him which is why he doesn’t remember being aggressive towards Meg and allegedly making out with other girls who are not his girlfriend – Alissa Violet.

Now, the tables have turned because Max is spilling all the details of what he actually saw and it’s nothing like Jake’s accusations. He said, “I believe that, if anything, you accidentally bumped into [Meg]. I can’t explain the bruise and she’s my best friend for seven years so it’s so hard for me to say this. But the way I saw you that night, I don’t see how it’s a possibility that you went from this nice guy who came over and gave me a hug someone who started swinging at her afterward.”

Max said FaZe didn’t kiss any other girls and was actually excited for Alissa to get there. He admits that he did go over to FaZe table, but it wasn’t too feed him drinks. It was to praise FaZe’s YouTube channel and say how much he liked his work. FaZe is trying to get the security footage from the club to prove he didn’t make out with anyone and didn’t assault Meg. While he can’t get the tapes until he has a subpoena, the security at the club apparently reviewed the footage and said there is no evidence of him doing anything he’s accused of.

Ultimately, Max is dunzo with Team 10 because of the way they have acted against FaZe and the way they treat people. Another one bites the dust…

Why did Neels Visser leave Team 10?

Neels was one of the original members of the group but he definitely left on better terms than Alissa did. There have been conflicting reports on his departure. The official Team 10 website wrote about Neels exit back in September of 2016. They said he was moving to further pursue a career in fashion and modeling. However, judging by his most recent tweets and Instagram posts, he has since moved back to Los Angeles. Not only that, but he’s making videos again without Team 10. It’s safe to say he’s out of the group.

Also, PLOT TWIST, he’s been partnering with Alissa. We have a feeling after everything that’s gone down between Alissa and Team 10, they wouldn’t want Neels working with her if he was still part of the squad.

Why did the Dobre Twins leave Team 10?

The Dobre Twins, consisting of brothers Lucas and Marcus, have a video that they shared where they talk about why they left Los Angeles. They reveal how unhappy and homesick they were. They said they missed their family and that there was no hate or bad blood between anyone they left behind in California. 

They said, “There have been some rumors going around and people think the reason why we left LA was because we were jealous of others, we were mad, we weren’t getting along with others, that we were even intimidated by others. But that’s completely false…We did not hurt anyone’s feelings or disrespect anyone. Marcus and I arenot angry at anyone or have any hard feelings towards anyone…That was the best decision emotionally, creatively, and mentally.”

The Dobre Twins felt like they needed to make this video because of the Martinez Twins, I know so many sets of twins, who are also in Team 10 called them out in a vlog of their own. They said that the Dobre Twins were mean to them, that they shut them out and that they were weird. Because being weird is something to hate on someone for? REGARDLESS…the Martinez Twins said they just wanted to collaborate with the Dobre Twins. Of course, there are two sides to every story but the Dobre Twins escaped and are still making videos and music which freaking FAB.

Why did AJ Mitchell leave Team 10?

AJ left Team 10 with very little drama. He actually thanked the crew with a special shout-out on Instagram live. AJ said, “I just want to give a shout out and thank you to Team 10 because they’ve helped me get to where I am, like with followers and all that. I’m not with Team 10 anymore but I really do appreciate Team 10 and everything they’ve done for me. I love every single person in that group to death, like a family still. And I’ll always support them no matter what.”

There have been plenty of web stars who have come and gone from Team 10, that’s for sure! 

Does Jake still speak to any of the former Team 10 members?

Basically, no. At least according to Nick as he explained to Shane. Basically, once someone leaves the squad, Jake no longer has any communication with his former “family members.”

“So that’s how Team 10 unfortunately works and I don’t know how that happened or the mindset was like that, but if someone leaves Team 10, it wasn’t just fully a business, it was a family. And if you don’t want to be in that, then you don’t like us and you must have something against us. Something along those lines is the thought process. When people leave, you’re not supposed to talk to them,” Nick said.


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