They may be saving people and hunting things, but The Winchesters stars are actually older than the characters they play on TV.

Meg Donnelly, who fans may know from her role in Disney Channel’s ZOMBIES film series, is starring as a young Mary Winchester. Supernatural fans know that name as the late mother of Sam and Dean Winchester. Now that the original series has come to an end, the prequel will show Mary’s life as a 19-year-old hoping to get out of the demon hunting business.

“I think it’s really interesting when they meet. He’s coming into the hunting world, and I want to leave,” Meg told HollywoodLife in October 2022. “So, I think that’s really an interesting dynamic from the jump. He’s coming in, and she’s leaving. But at the same time, they have these sparks that kind of fly.”

When it comes to continuing the show’s legacy, the Disney Channel alum noted that it has “been an honor to fill in context with people” as new characters are introduced.

“What we always say is we’re not trying to rewrite or change anything about the mothership, but we’re just trying to add context and give more of the story, and also hoping for a younger generation to kind of get into the world of Supernatural because it can be a really fun show on its own,” Meg explained. “But at the same time, once you watch this, you can get excited and watch Supernatural as well. Also, one of the fans at Comic Con was saying it’s so cool that this has been our show for a huge part of our lives, and now we get to go back into the world again in such a fun way that’s new and exciting.”

Joining Meg in the cast is Drake Rodger as the young version of John Winchester.

According to an October 2022 interview with TV Insider, fans can expect the character to be “an altruistic, through-and-through soldier boy, good boy, like All American guy who’s back from Vietnam and is struggling with everything that that entails while also figuring out life and then on top of that learning about the supernatural.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover the ages and birthdays of Meg, Drake and other Winchesters stars. 

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